Cyclinkfest Friday February 16, 2007

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It’s Cycling Linkfest (Cyclinkfest) Friday

  • Cash, drugs, sex and bikes
    Cyclicious’ Fritz comments on the quotation:

    “Bikes are one of the four commodities of the street — cash, drugs, sex, and bikes. You can virtually exchange one for another.” — Victor Veysey, San Francisco bike mechanic, messenger, and chief of The Bike Hut.

  • Bicycle buffer plan commands legislators’ serious attention
    San Jose Mercury News – San Jose,CA,USA
    The number of deadly bicycle accidents demands that the Democratic lawmaker’s proposal be given serious consideration. Nationwide, there has been a 25 …
  • Bicycle obesity
    AlaskaReport – Juneau,AK,USA
    After I came to the end of the road and turned away from the sun, I caught my first glimpse of my shadow pedaling that bicycle behemoth down the street. …
  • Be visible on that bicycle
    Victoria Times Colonist – Victoria,BC,Canada It was a dark and stormy night … another cyclist is blissfully unaware of the near miss I have just witnessed. Dressed in dark clothes, and with no helmet …
  • Let’s Encourage Bicycle Commuting
    Voice of San Diego – San Diego,CA,USA
    To Councilmember Frye: If the city, or you as a civic leader, would like to do any one thing to address climate change, encourage bicycle …
  • Boing Boing
    By Cory Doctorow … and a heart on the other; a novelty pair that gives you the world as seen through a Super-8 camera; and a crazy pair made from a bicycle gear. I love these things — and I was thrilled to take delivery of my own pair at Christmas.
  • Cool Bicycle
    Check out this slick little bike modification. Looks like fun.
  • In Praise of Bicycle Messengers
    By Buffalo Bill
    As some of you know, and some others might have guessed, in my post-messenger life I am a controller at a London courier company. Which one is not important, but it’s not the biggest but not…
  • Bicycle CAMPING TRAILER next Summer?
    By mkreig
    Recumbent News
    If you want to hit the road next summer in high two wheel style, do consider the Pedal RV Bicycle Camping Trailer. Although we have not had a chance to try it out or for that matter contact the…
  • Bike to work, get a free bicycle
    By Fritz
    Under Dahon’s plan, any US employee who bikes to work or combines his bike commute with public transit at least three times a week is offered a free bicycle.
    That sounds like a wonderful incentive for any bike commuter. …


  1. Fritz says:

    Some good articles there.