Musings Of A Cycling Wife

It is a beautiful Sunday morning in Southern California. In our surrounding neighborhood there are families going for walks, breakfasting at the Coffee Bean, or enjoying a lazy morning at home. At any given moment in my house there is a baby attached to my chest and two preschoolers who are either:

    a) fighting, b) crying c) asking for something, or d) spilling something.

I have laundry up to my ears and cereal on my kitchen floor. Where, you may ask, is my husband? Ah yes….he is cycling.

My husband and I strive to have a marriage of mutual respect. He frequently calls to ask me if it’s okay that he attend a class in the evening, meet a friend for dinner, or for any reason disappear from the house when I might have needed his help. Sunday mornings, however, are a different story. On Sunday mornings he is cycling. He is cycling if it’s cold, he is cycling if it’s hot. He will cycle when it’s raining. Did I imply that he will go cycling only if it fits conveniently into our family’s plans for the day? No, no. He will be cycling unless someone in our family has spontaneously combusted. In that case he will extinguish them, and then go cycling.

Avid cyclist with bicycle in tent and wife outside tent

We have approximately 20 cycling magazines in our living room at any time. When my husband is not outside cycling, he is attending a cycling event, or he has his bike on the bike trainer, or he is reading about cycling, or watching cycling, or working on this cycling website. I once joked with him about him ever having an affair and he replied, “Trust me, if I had enough free time to be having an affair I’d just use it to ride my bike.”

Our garage cannot hold our cars because it is full of bikes. The mountain bike, the two road bikes, the triathlon bike, the fixed gear bike, the tandem bike for the two of us (which we still haven’t used), the kids’ bikes, the kids’ trailer, the kids’ trail-a-bike, and the bike work stand. We had to put up shelving to hold all of his biking equipment and biking clothes. My husband has more cycling jerseys than I have skirts.

Though I may sound completely bitter, the truth is that I am not. I am proud of my husband and how active he is. I am proud of him for keeping himself healthy. And in the end, I know that this is what makes him happy, and without a ride on Sunday mornings he is a grump. And who needs piles of laundry, dirty floors, and a grumpy husband?


  1. mike says:

    Hey do you have a sister?

    And my boss doesn’t get it either. Maybe you can call him and tell him to cut me some slack and let me ride.

    You’re the coolest, and your husband is gonna live forever

  2. Fritz says:

    Hee hee, I’m sure my wife can totally relate!

  3. VeloGuy says:

    I know, I know, I am probably the most blessed guy on the face of this earth. But don’t be fooled. I have to give a ton to get these Sunday rides.

  4. CMeo says:

    Let me ask you this question: Has he ever come to you and said, “I was gone biking all last weekend, so next weekend is all yours. I will stay home with the kids, and do the job just as well as you do, while you go out and have a break.” OR “I am out most Saturday’s biking, so why don’t we make a deal that Sunday’s are yours. Take that day like I take mine.” Women are givers. They need to learn how to take. We need to tell men what we need. If you don’t – it will come back to haunt you one day and you will reget it. The kids and all of your responsibilities are a distraction right now…your life is full of that so you might not see this right now. But you will one day, I guarantee it. You will look back and resent the wonderful lifestyle you have facilitated for your husband…out of love, yes, but at what cost?

  5. Wife who caught the cycling bug says:

    5 years on I now have decided if ye can not beat them join them and guess wot I’m luving it .
    I also have discovered you can buy lovely clothes lovely shoes and my husband doesn’t care as long as they have SIDI Cannondale Specialized etc on the label .
    I just wish more reluctant wives would join in the cycling bug it’s great for burning off those naughty calories .
    My sport is skiing but hey cycling is fun too