Best Cycling Headline This Week: Naked Woman Arrested after Bicyclist Hit

UPDATE: We got a comment from someone claiming to be the driver’s mother. Points well taken. Sadly, many organizations have unthinkingly undermined society’s ability to provide help for those in need of mental health care.

If you see this woman driving behind you while you’re riding your bike… flee.

Naked Woman Arrested after Bicyclist Hit on San Pablo

JACKSONVILLE, FL — The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is investigating a bizarre crash on the Southside involving a woman driving a car full of children and a bicyclist.

The incident happened on San Pablo Road, just north of Beach Boulevard Sunday night.

Witnesses in the car told police the unidentified female driver [see photo] deliberately ran into a woman riding a bike on the side of the road.

Witnesses say the woman jumped out of her Honda and hopped in the back seat of a car whose driver had stopped to help the injured bicyclist.

The driver managed to get the woman out of his car, but she ran to another car, yanked the driver out, got behind the wheel and smashed into her Honda.

One of the driver’s at the scene told First Coast News reporter Kyle Meenan, “Three young children got out and they were running around screaming and everything!”

Fortunately, a 14 year old Boy Scout riding in the Honda helped to get all the kids out of the car before the woman rammed it.

Holly Kay HighfieldWitnesses said the woman had been babysitting the Boy Scout and another child, and the two other children in the car belonged to her.

Witnesses say the woman then drove a car into a fence, got out, and ran in circles while taking off her clothes.

It took several officers to subdue her, according to witnesses.

The suspect has been identified as 34 year old Holly Kay Highfield. Officers arrested her and took her to Shands Jacksonville for an evaluation.

She is facing charges of aggravated battery/use of a deadly weapon, carjacking, DUI, and DUI/causes damage to property.

The woman on the bicycle has been identified as 55 year old Cathy Guiry of Jacksonville. She is recovering at the Mayo Clinic.

I wonder what kind of merit badge the Boy Scout earned.


  1. Holly's mother says:

    The story is not entirely correct. Firstly, none of the kids belonged to Holly. Secondly, she is 31 years old. Thirdly, she TRIED to admit herself to several hospitals in the Jacksonville area and was REFUSED TREATMENT because she did not have an insurance card with her. She knew she was in trouble, but no one would help. She remembers nothing of the incident and in her right mind, would not hurt ANYONE EVER. She took the kids (not hers) to get them some supper. This is a lesson for anyone who even CONSIDERS using drugs; DON’T DO IT! She has ruined her life because of this and hurt an innocent person. She is crushed. This is not who she is. She loves people and would go out of her way normally to keep from hurting anyone. She has always stood up for others when people hurt them. I know, I am her mother and I know her. Shame on you for making fun of people with problems. I pray to God you or none of your family members ever have any. Instead of making fun, pray for her. Thank you.

  2. Tina says:

    I knew Holly when we were much younger. She was such a beautiful girl. I always enjoyed being around her. I’m saddened that her life has taken such a terrible turn. To her mom, please know that I am praying for her. I remember the person she used to be. I know she has a sweet, caring spirit. As a mother, I know this has to be a very difficult thing to endure. Remember God will not give us more than we can bear.

  3. Michel says:

    Holly and I were friends for a long time. It has always saddened me to hear things about her. She is and always will be a beautiful girl and hopefully she will turn her life around to whom she once was…Keep on singing girl!