Exclusive Mario Cipollini Photos – Training Camp with Rock Racing

On Saturday January 19th at 2:30pm Mr. Super Mario Cipollini and his new Rock Racing team mates where spotted training in the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu, California. They were riding on Kanan Canyon. A few things that I found interesting about the Rock Racing Team. One, where were the helmets? I can only see two riders with them on. As a frequent rider on the same roads, all I can say is that I would never be so brave as to ride any road in Southern California without a helmet. Man that is one dangerous undertaking. Two, wont those black kits get a little warm when it gets “Africa” hot out. Three, can anyone spot Tyler Hamilton in the group photo.

Rumor has it that Tyler Hamilton has been hired by the team and that Cipollini does not like it. In fact a source has told me that Super Mario stormed out of training camp demanding that he get complete control of the team both in Europe and the US. This begs the question of how Cipollini is going to be able to be the Director Sportive and race with the team.

I for one hope to see Super Mario racing in 2008. To see him back in top form at 42 years old. And give guys like me (at 43 y.o.) the motivation to keep competing with the young up and comers.

Mario Cipollini in Rock Racing Black Kit
Photo by: Tom O’Kane of SC Velo

Mario Cipollini and his Rock Racing Team Mates
Photo by: Tom O’Kane of SC Velo.

A special thanks to Tom O’Kane of SC Velo for the exclusive photos of Mario Cipollini and his Rock Racing Team Mates.


  1. shane says:

    there pro’s they dont need helmets.

  2. fdub says:

    So, Pros head’s don’t get split open like yours and mine???
    I hope you’re being facetious…

  3. mando says:

    Thanx for the pics!, very cool to see him again, although the team mates look a little intimidated and too serious, I wonder if cippo will enjoy himself with this people. Is this team having any results?