How Do You Say “Cycling Apartheid” in French? (SATIRE)

Apartheid is an Afrikaans word meaning “separation” or “being apart”.

[SATIRE… sort of]
Is it now accurate to use apartheid to describe a policy that exists in France in the latter 20th and early 21st centuries? This system is used to mistreat and deny opportunity to superior non-French cyclists. The ASO allowed the French minority to keep the non-French majority off of the Tour de France podium unless the cyclist was racing for a French team. All registration papers and media interviews had to be conducted in perfect French. Non-French, especially Americans, were also not allowed to wear yellow, eat bananas or grapefruit, and blonds had to dye their hair black to eradicate any connection to the coveted Yellow Jersey awarded to the Tour de France’s champion. The front of pelotons also were reserved for the French cyclists and the back for the non-French riders. If an arbitrary reason could be invented on the spot, a non-French cyclist would have to puncture his own tires and take a sledgehammer to his bicycle if a Frenchman asked.