Hypothermic: Jackson Stewart Abandons TOC, Rushed to Hospital

Jackson Stewart has abandoned the Tour of California and been rushed to hospital due to hypothermia. A major concern, hypothermia can be life-threatening if not treated. As the peloton continues on to San Luis Obisbo, could there be other riders who come down with the ailment? Often, one is not aware they are hypothermic until after they get indoors.

This race mirrors the 1993 world championships in Oslo, Norway. On that blustery day, a young Lance Armstrong took the rainbow jersey in abysmal conditions. Winning a war of attrition, Armstrong finished ahead of five-time Tour de france champ Miguel Indurain, and announced himself as a rider for the future. It was a perfect race for Armtrong, as the brashest rider had the best chance to win. Back then, Armstrong was a young impetuous rider who often didn’t think before he acted, but rather rode off instinct and adrenelin. That day, 171 riders started and only 61 finished. All of this points to the possibility of mass abandons ahead of tomorrow’s fifth stage.

For the finish today, Tom Boonen must be looked at as a possible winner, as he is used to the raw, cold weather from his experience in the Classics. Another man to watch could be Stuey O’Grady, who may try to jump off the front and surprise the pack, who will no doubt be tired form a long, wet day in the saddle.

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