Astana Has A Successful Weekend – Yellow In Oregon, Podiums In Austria

Successful Weekend: Yellow In Oregon, Podiums In Austria

More than ten years after his first stage victories in the Cascade Cycling Classic (1996, 1997) Levi Leipheimer claimed the overall victory in the five-day-race in Central Oregon. Not present in the Tour the France, the USA road champion, was delighted to wear a yellow jersey, the one from the longest consecutively run stage race in the United States.

“To win this race is definitely something to be proud of,” Levi Leipheimer said. “When I first started out as a professional this race was the thing to do and I’m proud to be on the list of people who have won it, like Lance Armstrong.” Lance Armstrong won this race in 1998. One year later, he won his first Tour de France.

What makes Leipheimer’s victory so special is that he realized this with only Chris Horner as his support throughout the race. There were no other team-mates or team staff for both riders. Chris Horner, in the past already three times stage winner in the Cascade Cycling Classic, did a fabulous job the last five days. For a funny and incredible photo story of Horner showing true class and sportsmanship: CLICK HERE

Overall Classication Cascade Cycling Classic (July, 9-13th):
1. Levi Leipheimer (AST); 2. Jeff Louder 2.35; 3. Darren Lill 2.38; 4. Chris Baldwin 2.51; 5. Matt Wilson 3.00; 6. Blake Caldwell 3.10; 7. Brent Bookwalter 3.16; 8. Tom Zirbel 3.57; 9. Peter Stetina 4.05; 10. Tom Peterson 4.11; 75. Chris Horner (AST) 27.05

Also The Tour of Austria was successful for Astana Cycling Team. Vladimir Gusev finished second overall, 39 seconds behind Austrian revelation Thomas Rohregger. Home rider René Haselbacher won a stage and finished second in the Points Classification and Astana, with three riders in the overall top ten, won the Team Classification. It is already the sixth time this season that the Team wins the Team Classification in a stage race.

Overall Classification Tour of Austria (July, 6-13th):
1. Thomas Rohregger; 2. Vladimir Gusev (AST)0.39; 3. Ruslan Podgornyy 1.05; 4. Chris Anker Sørensen 2.02; 5. Giampaolo Caruso 2.47; 6. Davide Rebellin 4.09; 7. Jani Brajkovic (AST) 4.23; 8. Walter Fernando 5.31; 9. Jure Golcer 5.42; 10. Thomas Frei (AST) 5.59; 22. Michael Schär (AST) 10.38; 25. Julien Mazet (AST) 14.01; 66. René Haselbacher (AST) 41.56