Product Review: The Rock Racing Pro Line Kit

Written by: J.T. (Veloguy)

At we get the opportunity to try out a lot of products, from clothing to gadgets, to bicycles. But no product has gotten me more attention than when I put on my Rock Racing Pro Line Kit and ride the roads of Los Angeles.

From the first time I put on the kit it fit like a glove. The design of the kit is anything but ordinary, and it really hugs the body. I found the kit not only comfortable after long 75 mile rides, but it never started to “ride” up in places where it was not supposed to. The chamois is excellent, with very good sweat absorption and no chaffing, I could where it all day with no discomfort.

So far I have been wearing the Rock Racing Pro Line Kit for a few months and it has shown no signs of wear. It is holding up as good if not better than almost any top of the line cycling clothing I have in my stable.

On a few occasions I have even been confused for Tyler Hamilton. On one of these occasions a car passes me and they start yelling out the window, “you go and get them Tyler, you are my favorite rider”. I must say my pace picked up a little after that.

All in all, the Rock Racing Pro Line Kit is made with great quality, and the design is excellent. And you never know, maybe someone will think you are Fast Freddy.


  1. System6 says:

    But is it worth the price of two or three Hincapie kits? Styling is fine, but the price is off-putting.