Rock Racing – Here To Stay – Maybe

Rock Racing has used the motto “Hear To Stay” since the burst onto the domestic race circuit. But there are rumors going around right now that Rock Racing may be anything but Here To Stay. Michael Ball’s company Rock and Republic has been the primary sponsor, but is rumored to be pulling out as it tries to survive the economic downturn.

Sean Weide, who is the Spokesman for the team is quoted as saying “We are aware of the situation,” “but we don’t want to put out any false information right now concerning Rock Racing, either. They have had a number of people laid off, both on the Rock Racing side and on the clothing side. We’re trying to get (team owner) Michael (Ball) on the phone.”

At this point we have phone calls to Rock Racing and we are trying to confirm any and all information.

Stay tuned, I am sure we will have more on this breaking story.

Team spokesman Sean Weide confirmed the layoffs but could not elaborate.