Top 10 Reasons Why Armstrong Says He and Contador Will Get Along Great

Top 10 Reasons Why Armstrong says he and Contador will get along great. (AKA why Contador will be working for Lance next July.)

10. The promise of crazy good bro deals at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop. (Applies to regularly priced merchandise only)

I won’t hesitate to call Jan Ullrich out of retirement to come sit on you.

8. Someone’s lone testicle is now named Alberto.

7. Because Spain still owes America favor. Don’t know for what exactly but there is a reason.

6. If you don’t work for me, I will give you cancer.

5. You sure as hell can’t work for Levi. That guy’s a nerd!

4. If Miguel Indurain was really your hero, you shouldn’t try breaking his Tour de France record.

3. Six words: Matthew McConaughey Playboy Mansion and you.

2. Who would you rather have back on Astana? Me or a smelly Kazakh guaranteed to go rogue?

1. Naked Olsen twins will be waiting atop Mt. Ventoux for the second place finisher.

Armstrong and Contador Showing The Team Astana Pride