Cancellara Interview “I Knew They Would Be Afraid”

Switzerland’s Fabian Cancellara, who won Sunday for the second time Paris-Roubaix, emphasized psychological blow dealt to his opponents when he attacked 49 km from the finish, leaving behind all its competitors with Belgian Tom Boonen.

Q: Are you really surprised that nobody can reach you?

A: “With my form and with the week I’ve spent, how I won, I knew that having ten meters ahead, they would be afraid and that would make the difference. This psychological work made the difference. After Mons-en-Pévèle, I asked how many riders were behind. But they did not run against me they were tired. There was Boonen, Flecha, Hushovd and others. I think they immediately realized they were running for second place and I could make my race ahead. ”

Q: Why did you change your bike?

A: “After the pierced Arenberg, I saw that the rim of my rear wheel was broken. But I thought we would not change immediately but later, at the right time. The two bikes was exactly the same. I ran with carbon wheels. I know that Pari-Roubaix carbon wheels have never won. It’s a risk. But to win you have to take risks. ”

Q: Do you think too Boonen attacked at the wrong time?

A: “Everyone spoke of Cancellara, Boonen, Boonen, Cancellara … Of course it was observed. Throughout the race, I had more team members, there were other riders he there was movement. He (Boonen) trying to make differences. I made the effort, but the coach told me: + Do not run its course, do your race +. I could see he was nervous, he wanted to do a first selection to come with me to the Velodrome. There was this movement to a crosswind, I accelerated past Mons-en-Pévèle then I had a tailwind. It was an important moment because I wanted also reduce the group. ”

Q: What did you think during all those miles alone?

A: “I told myself I had to do my race. The car also told me – Look, look ahead not behind. Many things can go until the end. It is believed to be history, former riders who made this race. Arriving alone again in Roubaix, was the motivation, it gave me strength. This is the head command. ”

Q: You won the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. Now what is your program?
A: “I’ll celebrate with my family and the team did a great, great job and gave me a great, great confidence. I know that Amstel is on the list but I do not think now, otherwise I’d be mad I was asked questions to Liege, the Tour of Lombardy … I do not want to think. For now, I want to take. ”

Q: Is it important to get into the history of cycling?
A: “What is left in the sport, what are the big things. Last week, I had achieved my goal of the year. This week my blood pressure was lower. I told the trainer that I had not the same force as last week but the situation was different. I am 200% prepared for the Tour of Flanders. I rode with the heart. It is a great day. ”