Product Review – Suffer Fest – Downward Spiral

Written by: VeloGuy

Okay we know, training indoors on the trainer sucks. 1 hour on the trainer feels like 4 hours on the rode. And no matter how hard you try to take your mind out of the non moving space you find yourself in, it just seems to get worse. Yes, you are stuck in trainer torture.

Well, then may we recommend “SUFFER FEST”? Sure we can and here is why. This DVD training video is excellent. Great music added to fantastic video of real races, with intervals thrown in for good measure. You will feel like you are in the race, with the need to get in the middle of the scruff and throw down. You will fight not to get dropped.

We used the Suffer Fest – Downward Spiral for the last month or so, and can honestly say that it makes your indoor training session not only bearable, but enjoyable again. Want proof, then watch this preview;

Okay, so you see what we mean? We were right, weren’t we? Yep, we thought you would agree!

Here is where to get your SUFFER FEST

We rate Suffer Fest – Downward Spiral

4.5 out of 5 chainrings