Wheels and cranks are in full motion here in Geneva, Switzerland. Right before I departed for “Euroland”, NBC released a report stating the top two places to live in the world, they just happened to be Zurich and Geneva. I’m been fortunate enough to be living in the heart of Geneva for a few weeks with my friend, Loic Perizzolo, an upcoming Pro 6 Day Rider and his wonderful family.

This past weekend’s racing went well, my partner Dominik Stucki and I placed 3rd overall in the Geneva 2 Day, which included points, scratch, and elimination races…and of course, a madison to cap off every evening. We took 2nd in the final madison, and were pretty pleased. 2 weeks ago, I was hacking up a lung from a gnarly chest cold which is still wearing off…so being on sickness damage control seems to be paying off. A week from now we’ll be knee-deep in a whole new world of hurt and fun in the Zurich 6 Day UIV, and I couldn’t be more stoked.

Here’s a video of the last ten laps of the final madison…a few of the teams did not start due to crashes the first night, so the final madison only had 7 start teams.

What hit me the most throughout these few days in Europe was actually from today’s training session. Loic, Dominik, and I arrived at the Geneva Velodrome to spin out the “hell” that we built up in our legs over the past few race days, and then it started to hit me. I looked around to see the sight of a velodrome care-taker waxing the infield floor. And then it dawned on me, it was just the three of us spinning in a pace line in a completely empty velodrome in Switzerland. The sounds of a Kid Cudi Remix in one ear, and the blank noise of air in the other…it was nice.

I’m a bit of a gush when it comes to the simple things, but what was most satisfying about this session in the velodrome was remembering the enormously complex efforts made to create the opportunity for something so simple. There is no handbook for creating these sorts of opportunities to have, as I like to say, “Fun”.

After doing this sort of thing since I was 15, I’ve come to realize that there really is only one main ingredient to fuel all of this madness. It’s not money…connections…or even the ability to speak multiple languages (Parle vous Anglais?).

It’s finding the ability to think big.

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