Team Type 1 Announces 2010 Rosters for Six Teams

Atlanta —Team Type 1 today announced the full rosters for its six racing teams. The organization’s
66 athletes will compete in events across three continents that range from international stage races to
world-class triathlons to the epic Race Across America.

“The growth of the Team Type 1 programs increases our ability to achieve our mission—to inspire people
around the world living with diabetes to live full lives,” said Phil Southerland, Team Type 1 Founder and
CEO. “I know that every day this year in some part of the world there is a Team Type 1 athlete training,
racing and inspiring people with diabetes. Our athletes with diabetes turn in amazing results year-overyear
and have started off the 2010 season with great success across the board.”

Already taking podiums in early 2010 races, Team Type 1 has a roster of athletes totaling 66 with a fulltime
support staff of 15.

The Team Type 1 Professional Men’s Team, coached by cycling veterans Vassili Davidenko and Michael Carter, includes a strong mix of veterans (Michael Creed, Valeriy Kobzarenko, Shawn Milne),
sprinters (Eldridge, Ken Hanson and Aldo Ino Ilesic), stage racing specialists (Chris Jones and Davide
Frattini), European talent (Javier Megias, Thomas Rabou and Martijn Verschoor) and an abundance of
promising newcomers (Will Dugan, Alexey Shmidt, Thomas Soladay and Scott Stewart).

Four of the 17 Professional Men’s Team riders have Type 1 diabetes: Fabio Calabria, Eldridge, Megias
and Verschoor. In addition to nine Americans, there are riders from Australia, Holland, Italy, Russia,
Slovenia, Spain and the Ukraine.

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The Team Type 1 Professional Women’s Team will be led by Jack Seehafer and includes a total of four women—seasoned pro Kori Seehafer, Team Type 1 veteran Morgan Patton, and newcomers Jackie Crowell and Mandy Marquardt. Seehafer, Patton and Marquardt have Type 1 diabetes.

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The Team Type 1 Development Team, led by Tim Powell and rider Tim Henry, includes six riders, all of whom have Type 1 diabetes, from three countries. Australia will be represented by Simon Bennett and Justin Morris. From Holland is Olaf Kerkhof. And from the U.S. is Stradford Helms, Matt Brooks and Alex Bowden.

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The Team Type 1 Elite Team, known for its record-setting victories in the prestigious Race Across America, will be led by three-time RAAM participant, Bob Schrank. The remaining eleven Team Type 1
Elite Team members are Jeff Bannink, Adam Driscoll, Dustin Folger, Lonnie Knabe, Andy Mead, Kyle
Rose, Daniel Scheider, James Stout, Mark Suprenant, Kerry White and Jerry Willis. All Team Type 1 Elite
Team members have Type 1 diabetes.

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The Team Type 1 Triathlon Team will be led by athlete/managers Matt Vogel and former Kent State fullback, Tom Kingery. Intent on being a force in the national triathlon scene, Vogel and Kingery will be joined by Nathan Bartells, Patricia Brownell, Laura Ely, Bradford Gildon, Bobby Heyer, Angela Past and
Kevin Powell.

Team Type 2 is in its second year of competition on the national scene. The team is comprised of
athletes with Type 2 diabetes and is focused on the Race Across America. The 18-person squad is led
by team member Tim Dolan, and includes on its roster John Anderson, Bill Arnold, Phil Bruno, Bob
Chaisson, Larry Cleveland, Rob Coburn, Peter Cowley, Jay DeCora, Joe Gerber, Malcom Goggin, Fred
Legrand, Lakshmi Seshradri, Ed Tepper, Mark Thul, Anthony Vita, Dennis Voorhees and Saul Zuckman.