US Feds Subpoena Documents From 2004 Armstrong Doping Case

LOS ANGELES – Federal investigators, probing cheating in pro cycling, have subpoenaed material from a 2004 case in which a US firm attempted to prove Lance Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs.

Jeffrey Tillotson, a lawyer for SCA Promotions Inc, said his company would send the documents to federal investigators in Los Angeles.

Armstrong has vehemently denied using performance-enhancing drugs and his lawyers say Armstrong has undergone close to 300 drugs test in his career and never failed one.

Included in the documents are depositions from Armstrong’s former wife, outspoken former American Tour de France winner Greg LeMond and former US teammates of Armstrong.

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday first reported the subpoena.

SCA was seeking to avoid paying the seven-time Tour de France winner Armstrong a five million dollar performance bonus. The case ended with SCA shelling out 7.5 million dollars to Armstrong.

Article: AFP