Hincapie States Armstrong Doping Report Weighing On Him

GREENVILLE, South Carolina, May 27, 2011 – Hometown hero George Hincapie says a television report of what he told a US grand jury about Lance Armstrong has weighed on his mind ahead of the US Pro Cycling Championships.

Former Armstrong teammate Hincapie said nothing else on Friday regarding the report on the CBS show “60 Minutes” but added that he is trying to concentrate on the “good things in my life and I’ve got a lot of those.”

The CBS report, focused upon claims by former Armstrong teammate Tyler Hamilton, cited unnamed sources in adding that Hincapie had told federal investigators that he and Armstrong supplied each other with banned performance-enhancing drugs and discussed the taking of other drugs.

Seven-time Tour de France champion Armstrong has denied any wrongdoing and the report’s claims that was at the centre of a systemic doping programme during his French title run from 1999 through 2005 with the US Postal Service team.

Hincapie will compete in a road race championship on Monday.