Martijn Verschoor Wins Stage Two At Tour de Beauce

THETFORD MINES, Quebec, June 15 – Team Type 1 – sanofi rider Martijn Verschoor won the second stage of Canada’s UCI 2.2 Tour de Beauce on Wednesday, besting a full peloton in a field sprint at the end of 162km in the rolling hills of Quebec.

Verschoor, who has type 1 diabetes and must monitor his blood glucose continuously and periodically take insulin to manage the disease, came in to the final circuits of the race behind a strong leadout from his teammates, and broke for the line with 250m to go.

“My teammate was in the break all day, but it was caught with about 40k to go, so the whole team lined up for me in the circuits in town. They were going so fast and did a perfect job that Fabio Calabria finished 4th and Aleksei Shmidt was right behind him,” Verschoor said.

Team Type 1 – sanofi Director Sportif Michael Carter said Aldo Ino Ilesic was the squad’s rider in the break, and when he along with the other 8 escapees were absorbed, the field shifted its dynamic and shifted into sprint mode.

“The order was to ride the final circuits like a four-corner crit, and that’s exactly what they did. The momentum was so fast that we wound up with three guys in the top-10,” Carter said.

Verschoor said he sprinted freely through a gap.

“I saw a gap with 250m to go and came up the left side. Nobody passed me, and we won,” Verschoor said.

Team Type 1 – sanofi CEO and Founder Phil Southerland congratulated Verschoor on the victory.

“Today was a great day for diabetics. Type 1 professional athlete Martijn Verschoor won the first UCI race of the year by an athlete with diabetes,” Southerland said.

Based in Atlanta, Team Type 1 is an organization of more than 120 athletes, amateur and professional, cyclists, triathletes and ultramarathoners, training, racing and living with diabetes.

Five of the 19 riders on the men’s professional team, including Verschoor and Calabria at the Tour de Beauce, have type 1 diabetes, an immune disorder of the pancreas, and must monitor their blood glucose constantly and periodically take insulin to manage the disease.

With proper nutrition, plenty of exercise, the right technology and good control, diabetes can be managed, and those affected by the disease can live normal, even extraordinary lives.

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