Meares Seizes Chance To Take Olympic Gold Stride

Written by; Justin Davis

APELDOORN, Netherlands, March 22, 2011 – Australian Anna Meares
believes she could take a major step towards Olympic sprint glory in London if
she beats British rival Victoria Pendleton at the world championships this

In a regal six-year spell Pendleton has amassed five world titles and an
Olympic sprint gold, beating Meares into silver medal position in Beijing
three years ago.

Here at the March 23-27 championships, 30-year-old Pendleton has hinted
that her ambition to defend her Olympic crown may give her few authentic
rivals a sniff of replacing her as world champion.

“I don’t mind if I don’t win another world title between now and the
Olympics. If I win the Olympics, everything would be absolutely okay,”
Pendleton said Tuesday.

Although that may be music to the ears of some, it won’t be to Meares.

Having dominated her usually unbeatable English nemesis in the semi-finals
of a recent World Cup event in Manchester, the Australian is not lacking in
confidence — despite having zero world sprint titles to her name.

What’s more, the 27-year-old Australian believes that after 16 years of
training and trying to get the most out of her body she can move up a gear or
two in the 16 months between now and London 2012.

“Not a lot has changed for me in the last year, except that I’ve had no
injuries and no illnesses,” Meares told AFP.

“But I’m finally starting to understand the importance of training history,
and I believe I still have plenty of room for improvement.”

Normally, Meares would kick off the championships looking to defend her 500
meters time trial crown, now a non-Olympic event but one which is a fairly
reliable gauge of who will be on form in the sprint tournament.

But having seen her sprint gold bid suffer from the fatigue induced while
regaining the title last year, when she finished fourth, she has dropped the
500m from her schedule.

“These championships are huge for me, they’re a big stepping stone towards
London,” added Meares.

“I’m really motivated. Competition is what it’s all about and for me it’s
still fun.

“Plus, I’ve never won a sprint or keirin world title. Victoria has been the
one to beat, she’s had a hold on the (sprint) title for the past five, six

Meares and the other Australian sprinters are all under the coaching wing
of Gary West. And while he believes Meares will respect all her rivals, he
expects her rivalry with Pendleton to simmer for a while yet.

“Anna will be focusing on everybody, not just Victoria Pendleton. She’ll be
one of several girls to beat,” West told AFP.

“I think that when it comes to Victoria, there’s an element of some
unfinished business (from Beijing). Anna is focused totally on London, on
stepping on to the podium, and not just the lower steps.”

Meares meanwhile believes that beating Pendleton here at the championships
will reinforce her belief that she can do it again in London.

“To be an Olympic champion you’ve got to be the best, but you also have to
beat the best,” she added.

“I’ve already done that this year and I feel I’ve got the form to go out
there and do it again.”

The competition opens Wednesday when five finals will be held: the women’s
500m and points race and the men’s scratch, team sprint and team pursuit.

Article: AFP