Product Review – Leg Lube

There are some products that need no explanation, and LEG LUBE is not one of those. It is more than it’s name implies. LEG LUBE is not something that you smear on your legs to make you slide faster at your neighborhood park. Leg Lube is not to help you squeeze your legs into tight space feet first.

What LEG LUBE is – it is a “Performance Shave Gel”. LEG LUBE was created by athletes, for athletes.

Leg Lube 3.4oz. Bottle

Leg Lube 3.4oz. Bottle

If you are like most of the leg shaving population you probably use shave cream, moisturizing soap, lotion, or please don’t say so, but nothing at all. But all of the above were not designed for leg shaving, and are nothing more than soap. And soap dry’s your skin.

What Leg Lube brings to the party is an ultra lubricating formula that reduces drag, nicks, in-grown hairs, razor burn, and the dreaded itchy, scaly, dry skin. It can be used for more than just legs. Use on your legs, face, arms, chest, head, bikini, and back. It has a very pleasant smell that will appeal to both men and women.

So what did think after using the product for the last month?

LEG LUBE works great, and gives you the best leg shave we have ever had. At first use we were looking for the foam, or suds, you normally get with soap products. But once we used it a few times we found the lack of foam and suds no issue and now prefer it. After shaving, our legs were not only smooth, but suffered no drying effects. One huge advantage we found is that LEG LUBE is so very easy to transport. With all the travel that we do it was easy to through it into our toiletry bag and get that perfect, lubricating shave no matter we our bike riding found us. Another huge bonus is that it works great both in and out of the shower. It a word, LEG LUBE is EXCELLENT!

LEG LUBE comes in a 3.4 oz. (100mL) bottle and costs $8.95. It can be bought at the LEG LUBE website: rates LEG LUBE

4.5 out of 5.0 chainrings