Ricco – The Film

The movie script for the life of Riccardo Riccò just got that little bit more surreal on Sunday. It opens on a Tuscan hillside with a young prodigy winning every race he enters at junior level. Quickly noticed for the national Italian amateur squad, he then progresses to the pro ranks and is whispered to be the next big thing.

Scene 3, Lots of landscapes and training montage: The movie would follow the young star and encourage the audience to cheer for the talented, and warmly arrogant rider.

Then the twist: Riccò with the world at his feet and a similarly sly teammate by his side, get caught cheating and completely destroy the 2008 Tour de France.


In scene 5 he returns to the sport with pro dope team Ceramica-Flaminia after serving 20 of his 24 months suspension. The peloton shuns him, as does the Giro.

In scene 7 the audience are led to feel that the movie is about to end, he has returned clean but it is to a different, cleaner sport. People start looking at their watch when police cars erupt on the scene from every direction- the mother of his child Vania, the cyclo cross star tests positive for drugs.

Scene 11 is a real show down full of banging doors, broken bottles and screaming … he dumps her in disgust at her cheating, yet strangely shortly after, asks her to marry him?

Scene 13 and Vania’s brother, Riccardo ‘s brother in law, tests positive for PED’s and is sanctioned. Happy families!!!

Stay with us.

Scene 15 is the retribution, the maturing. Winning the audience back.
He is not a popular man. After the 2010 season in the gutter he comes out and claims that he is ready to shed his bad-boy image – as well as the nickname, “il Cobra”, which came to symbolize the former drug-cheat’s venomous nature on the bike and off it. He announces to the camera with a chuckle: “The Cobra is dead! You don’t believe me? It’s true…”

Scene 145, so then…. he hooks up with a new coach Aldo Sassi at the Centro Mapei, much viewed as home of honest cycling near Milan. The audience will view Riccò’s decision to link up with Sassi as a deliberate and perhaps cynical attempt to regain credibility after his positive test for CERA, but he has changed.

Scene 146 is last Sunday with Riccò riding off into the sunset. But just before the closing credits, he falls of his bike and is rushed to hospital. A sudden illness could be stomach or renal problems. He is a cyclist so all were concerned.

Big Conclusion
Ricco lies in a hospital bed and Vania in floods of tears admits to waiting doctors that he had done a blood transfusion that morning using blood he had kept in the fridge at home for 25 days.” He was apparently worried about “the poor conservation of the blood he put back in.”

Under Italian law he could face between three months and three years in jail for doping offenses.

The working title for the movie “Life bans for drug cheats”