So Tyler Hamilton decides now that he is going to return his Olympic Gold Medal. He now has also decided that he just cannot hold it in any longer. Yes, he says, it is true. My buddy Floyd told you and now I am. That is after 60 Minutes (the TV show) pays me to tell you.

“I saw it in his refrigerator,” Hamilton told the American news program
in the interview to air Sunday. “I saw him inject it more than one time.”

Armstrong “took what we all took… the majority of the peloton,” Hamilton
told 60 Minutes. “There was EPO… testosterone… a blood transfusion.”

All I have to say is SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!

I am getting so dam tired of all you dopers taking us down the crap hole with your I did not do it. It was my dead twin baby, or the Jack Daniels, or the vitamins, or the……….. SHUT UP ALREADY.

And just when your career is officially pathetic and you have no skills to get a real job. Like flipping burgers. You sell your f’d up story for a few pennies so you can pay the rent.

I ask you this – If, as you claim, everybody in the peloton was doing it, then why do you only go after Armstrong? Why? We know why? It is because of $$$$$$$$$$. Not one TV show, or sports magazine will pay you to tell them that you saw Un-Known rider #207 dope.

If as you state, Armstrong was doped, and you were doped, then all things being equal he still kicked your ass. Maybe you just needed better drugs.

It is all about the MONEY.

As Armstrong Twittered; “20+ year career. 500 drug controls worldwide, in and out of competition. Never a failed test. I rest my case,” he said.

His case is strong, so until you have a photo, a video, tainted blood, etc….



  1. Gary says:

    Armstrong continues to do a whole lot of good with his Livestrong site and has helped countless cancer patients.

    What has Tyler Hamilton done for anybody?

  2. Skip says:

    Amen! Amazing how it is only AFTER they are caught that they “tell all” for “the good of the sport”? So far, all I have heard is hearsay, which is close to heresy!