Cyclocross Is Fun, Right?

So tonight I was one of the so-called lucky ones and got myself a starting bib (#57 out of 158) for the CrossVegas race during Interbike week.

After a not so long 5 hour drive leaving at a very early 4:30am, and then spending the better part of the day on my feet at the trade show. I arrived at the race venue sleep deprived and with pretty dead legs. But not to be deterred by excuses I showed up, kitted up, and sucked it up to race CX baby, Vegas style.

Deciding it was time for a warm-up I jumped onto the course and went at what I felt was 50% effort, but with the 90-degree heat and a whole box full of other lame excuses I was gassed. Not a great way to start one of the hardest CX races in the USA.

I decided to set a very realistic goal for myself, and was set on getting DFL (Dead F**kin Last). But starting on the 5th row with another 10 rows behind me I realized that this goal was going to be hard to earn.

As the race takes off and the really fast guys and gals (of which I am not one of) go full gas I decided to at least pretend to be in the mix, but within 500 meters it is fully apparent to my lungs and the hecklers that I am going no where but backwards. With taunts from the rail dwellers like “hey is this your warm up last”, and this being my favorite, “you are stinking it up so bad out there that your stink just past you”.

It would be an understatement to say that I was suffering. All I wanted to do was barf on those dam rail dwelling hecklers, but I was to dehydrate to work up enough stomach liquid to develop any real serious vomit. With all of that being said the real question still remains, is Cyclocross fun?

Hell yeah. See you next year CrossVegas for another year of pain and suffering.