Franck Schleck To Learn His Fate Next Month In Doping Case


LUXEMBOURG, Dec 20, 2012 – Luxembourg cyclist Franck Schleck, who
tested positive for a diuretic during this year’s Tour de France, will find
out what sanction will be imposed next month, learnd on Thursday from his

The elder of the Schleck brothers attended a third and final disciplinary
hearing on Wednesday evening at the country’s antidoping agency, which was
overseen by a representative of the International Cycling Union (UCI)
governing body.

“I was able to explain myself once again. I have never made a mistake. The
case continues but it’s not finished,” Schleck said as he left the hearing.

According to those involved in the case, the rider’s lawyers claimed the
charge against him was “ill-defined” and that the levels of Xipamide — which
can be a masking agent for banned substances — in his urine were

Schleck tested positive after the 13th stage of the Tour on July 14 and
quit the race at the end of the 15th stage while he was in 12th spot in the
general classification. Testing of his B sample also came back positive.

The rider claimed that the sample was either contaminated or the presence
of the diuretic was accidental. He withdrew himself from comptetition
voluntarily at the start of October.

According to his lawyers, any sanction taken on January 30 will be
backdated to October.


  1. Jason Newman says:

    The song remains the same.

  2. juan says:

    I have noticed the most current of drug scandals including this one, are based on what are described
    as miniscule amounts of this durg or the other. there needs to be an agreed upon minimum tolorance to
    be able to justify tarnishing some ones honesty or credibility.