I Never Saw Armstrong Dope, Says Ferrari

PARIS, Dec 17, 2012 – Lance Armstrong’s former doctor Michele Ferrari
on Friday insisted he had never seen the disgraced seven-time Tour de France
winner dope.

Ferrari, who like the American has been banned for life by the US
Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), also said that he had virtually no relationship
with the other cyclists who accused him of being at the centre of the scandal.

“I’ve never seen any doping practice from Lance Armstrong. I never heard
something about that. He never asked me for information about doping,” Ferrari
told Al Jazeera.

“My relationship with some teammates of Lance Armstrong was very, very
short and occasional. It was not strict. There are six riders who accused me,
but these riders, I didn’t have any relationship, any consulting with these

Ferrari believes he is the victim of a conspiracy and that his accusers
were prepared to make him a scapegoat in order to ease any sanctions they
might face.

“What I can say about the USADA investigation is that there is no evidence,
in particular no evidence against me, but I can say also there is no smoking
gun about the investigations,” said the 59-year-old Italian.

“I can suppose that some of these athletes, the federal investigation was
able to demonstrate their doping practice, which they organized by themselves,
and to save themselves, they agreed with the USADA investigation.”

Armstrong, 41, was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned
from the sport for life in October after the USADA produced evidence of
widespread doping by him and his former team-mates.