SPY Announces One Big Happy Lens Family

Exclusive SPY Breakthrough Lens Technology Gets Framed

CARLSBAD, Calif.—SPY Inc. (OTCBB: XSPY) today unveiled the highly anticipated Happy Lens™ family—an array of sunglass styles featuring SPY’s game changing lens technology that not only improves vision and performance, but helps harmonize mind and mood alike. Whether you dig vintage-inspired frames or classic wraps, you’ll be happy when any of these Happy Lens™ sunglasses are sitting on your face.
Making its debut February 1, the SPY Happy Lens™ is available in a healthy selection of SPY’s most popular styles. From the timeless Discord and Helm, to popular wraps such as the Dirk, McCoy, Dirty Mo, Logan, Touring, Colt, and General, everyone can experience happiness in their favorite SPY frames. The Farrah receives the Happy treatment for the ladies, while athletes and performance freaks will enjoy the all-new Cutter and its Fast Track™ lens changing system. And finally, a few of SPY’s classically styled Crosstown Collection pieces—the Beachwood, Haight and all-new Alcatraz—get Happy so that fashion purists can look as good as they will feel.

The SPY Happy Lens™ will be featured in the always-styley black colorway, along with new resplendent matte orange and matte blue, and full-bodied and refreshing Brown Ale. Happy Lens™ Crosstown Collection styles will be featured in black and desert tortoise.

Prepare to rejoice as only 53 more days remain until you can have HAPPY sitting on your face.