Team Type 1-Sanofi digs in for another three-race weekend in Korea, Turkey and Belgium

ATLANTA, SEOUL, LIEGE, ALANYA – Team Type 1-Sanofi stretches out again in three different directions this weekend, racing in Belgium, Turkey and Korea.

On Sunday the Atlanta-based Professional Continental team will line up to start its biggest race yet in the 2012 season, the 266km one-day hilly classic known as La Doyenne, Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

“We are moving from strength to strength, from Milano-Sanremo and Criterium International in March, to Fleche Wallonne last Wednesday. For two months the preparations have been in place and our riders are ready,” said Team Type 1-Sanofi General Manager Vassili Davidenko.

Remi Cusin is going very well after a block of hard racing last week in France, and we have the young Norwegian rider Vegard Stake Laengen alongside Javier Megias, Julien El Fares and Georg Preidler to help him get through the final hills.

Rubens Bertogliati has the experience to captain the squad, and Julien Antomarchi is looking to shine for us in the breakaway with Alessandro Bazzana,” said Davidenko.

Team Type 1-Sanofi at Liege-Bastogne-Liege:

Julien Antomarchi – FRA
Alessandro Bazzana – ITA
Rubens Bertogliati – SUI
Remi Cusin – FRA
Julien El Fares – FRA
Vegard Stake Laengen – NOR
Javier Megias* – ESP
Georg Preidler – AUT

DS – Massimo Podenzana – ITA

Also on Sunday, Team Type 1-Sanofi returns to the 8-stage Tour de Korea to defend its 2011 Overall Team Classification victory with a squad of strongmen for the hilly and windy coast-hugging race.

“Korea for us last year was where the team really gelled as a unit, and we have the right riders again in 2012. Serebryakov has the chops to take a sprint victory for us, and Callegarin showed great form in his first race of the season last weekend after a long rehabilitation from his accident in Colorado last year. Calabria and Eldridge have the experience in Asia that makes the difference in this race, and Aldo will keep the pace high for the finishes. We have pulled Alex Bowden after his crash last weekend at a race in the United States, to allow his recovery to continue, but we think the guys will have a good chance at a podium every day in Korea,” said Davidenko.

Team Type 1-Sanofi for Tour de Korea:

Fabio Calabria* – AUS
Daniele Callegarin – ITA
Joe Eldridge* – USA
Aldo Ino Ilesic – SLO
Aleksandr Serebryakov – RUS

DS – Fred Moncassin – FRA

Finally, Team Type 1-Sanofi returns to Turkey with defending champion Aleksandr Efimkin for a week of bicycle tumult in the high-profile and globally televised Presidential Tour of Turkey.

“Efimkin was keeping his powder dry all season for two races – Turkey and California. The latter was a bust beyond our control, but we’re back in Antalya now with the right mix of sprinters and climbers to keep our Russian rider in turquoise for the duration,” Davidenko said.

“It won’t be easy, because the caliber of competition at the Tour of Turkey is so high, and the number of World Tour teams and hungry Pro Continental squads means that we will be in the spotlight from day one.

Unfortunately we lost Jure Kocjan to a pretty bad crash on Wednesday at Fleche Wallonne. He’s fine for the rest of the season, but with swelling in his leg and a lot of road rash he needs rest and recovery now more than anything,” Davidenko said.

But do yourself a favor and watch the race live on TV on Tuesday when it goes uphill for the first mountaintop finish ever in Turkey. Doesn’t matter what language you hear the broadcast in, you ought to be able to recognize our riders at the front and hear the names Efimkin, Reijnen and Rosskopf no matter who the commentators are,” Davidenko said.

Team Type 1-Sanofi for Tour of Turkey:

Laszlo Bodrogi – FRA
Daniele Colli – ITA
Aleksandr Efimkin – RUS
Filippo Fortin – ITA
Kiel Reijnen – USA
Joey Rosskopf – USA
Martijn Verschoor* – NED

DS – Vassili Davidenko – USA

Three races around the world in one day gives Team Type 1-Sanofi a unique opportunity to spread its diabetes message to an audience of millions of people.

“The World Health Organization keeps tabs on diabetes diagnoses globally, and the numbers can be harrowing,” said Team Type 1-Sanofi CEO and Founder Phil Southerland.

“Of the 50 million people in South Korea, there are three million with diabetes and maybe another one million who don’t yet know they have the disease.

In Turkey the 70 million people who live there have four million fellow citizens with diabetes and a million and a half in the dark about their diagnosis.

In Belgium there are 600,000 out of 10 million with diabetes, and another quarter million walking around unbeknownst.

For people who have diabetes it’s so important to get the right medical assistance now, to take control of the disease now, to keep it managed, to eat well, get plenty of exercise, use the best technology. At Team Type 1 we have professional cyclists, runners, triathletes who do this successfully every day – people who have control over their diabetes and who are living extraordinary lives – right now,” said Southerland.