The Devil Wears USADA

So, is Travis Tygart the devil? Or is he just acting like he is? We may never know the answer to these questions, but I have some pretty strong ideas about him and his actions. So hear goes my rant.

Tygart may not really be the devil, but damm if he is not acting like he is. His personal hyper vendetta against Lance Armstrong has gotten the best of him. He is a one man cycling wrecking machine who has done more damage to professional cycling that any doper could have ever done. He has pissed on everything decent with the USA legal system to prove a point. That he is bigger, stronger, and more powerful than a Mr. Armstrong. Well screw you Mr Tygart.

Answer me this. Now that you have revoked Armstrong’s seven Tour de France wins, who are you going to give them to. Since the rules were set by and approved by the cycling powers to be, like those silly doping controls, that the slippery Lance Armstrong so magically passed over 500 times don’t matter anymore. Then any doping control passed by any other rider does not prove they did not dope. You must assume that they too are dopers. And if that is the case, then the 7 years that Armstrong rode the Tour de France (And WON!) must be thrown out of the record books as if they never occurred. We can just ignore that they ever happened right Tygart?

Travis Tygart has ruined professional bicycle racing for a very long time. Good job devil Tygart.

Hey answer me this one too Mr. Devil Tygart – Are you ready for the civil suits that Mr. Armstrong is going to be bringing your way?

Lance Armstrong may or may not have doped. We will never ever know for sure. But one thing we do know for sure is that you will always be the DOPE known for being the final nail in the sport of bike racing.


  1. aks racing says:

    Travis Tygart is acting as if he has been appointed as Judge, Jury and Executioner in the matter of USADA vs. Lance Armstrong. In America, we are PRESUMED INNOCENT until proven guilty.

    Lance Armstrong NEVER failed any of the more than 500 tests he was administered at the time of his competitions. Tygart and the USADA claim that he used illegal substances – but they cannot produce a single failed test. The U.S. government dropped their investigation without an indictment because they were unable to prove any doping – and without even naming anyone as an unindicted co-conspirator.

    Tygart and the USADA are claiming the right to strip Armstrong of his Tour de France titles without any trial, even though they are NOT the governing body of the sport. They are doing this because Armstrong doesn’t have millions of dollars to fight USADA and then take his case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). They know that they can force him to give up, rather than bankrupt his family’s future.

    Many people don’t know that as a 17-year-old cyclist, Lance was already a world-class athlete. It is more than reasonable to believe that he achieved his success without doping. We will never know for sure if Lance Armstrong used any illegal substances – but just like EVERY other rider who tested clean during their racing career, Lance Armstrong HAS to be presumed to have been complying with the rules. His titles and results must stand.

    It is time for the USADA to move on and concentrate its efforts on testing the riders of today –
    and not to engage in a witch-hunt against the champions of the past.

  2. Tim Greenhalgh says:

    You got that right. In UK we think Tygart and his crew are a bunch of muppets. He never competed at top level and only has Order of the Coif 🙂 – Lance is a hero and always will be, long after Tiredgart and his cronies have evaporated.

  3. peter chintu says:

    Armstrong is a heroe ,for him to win 7 times .He developed the well established cycling cadence,special helmet,eroldynamic cycling position,higher iltitude training and many more specialities that he did to be the champion.ARMSTRONG shouldn’t be stript off all his victories,Where was USADA when armstrong was winning or his tours,Armstrong was the most tested Rider ever in the history of cycling and why now?UCI,WADA so nothing wrong in his tests but why now with USADA.Where were they in all the past years and resurface now its not fair. leave armstrong and concentrate on the new error.

  4. Jen says:

    Wow-you all are clearly misinformed and blind. Read the report-it is hard to see a hero fall-but fall he did, and hard.

  5. Harry de Winter says:

    So where are you wankers now with your childish frustrated comments….

  6. Sly says:

    I’m French. I’ve been so impressed by Lance on the french tours. I’ve seen him many times. His organization, training, food management … all of that impressive.
    But i’m afraid that everything demonstrate that he has cheating. We still have his control from 1999 in the freezer. Now that control are stronger, it demonstrates that he was loaded in EPO. Also, we learned those days that the UCI organization (world wide bycicle organization that organise the control on all races) has explained to Amstrong and his manager how to not be detected … ! So Amstrong was a cheater but far to be alone !! UCI was too !! And that make me side for this sport that i love.
    To answer your question VeloGuy, the French Tour organization is just unable to give the tour de france wins … they have considered a solution to give the wins to the first one in the list that has never been catch … and for some years you have to reach rank 10 !!! So probably all tour winners are cheaters as well …

  7. Pipo says:

    Now we know, he was doped to the bone. And so were probably 80+% of all other competitors.
    Pro cycling IS dirty, period, no need for anyone to try and “ruin” it, it does it very well by itself.
    Kudos to Travis Tygart for his perseverance and for fighting the omerta put in place by guys like Armstrong.

  8. Mark says:

    Crikey. Just came across this. The guy who wrote it must have been on drugs himself. You get caught and you blame the guy who caught you for all the damage you did. Sorry perversely screwed up logic. And today you hero fell. Righty so.

  9. Frankie says:

    David Walsh is god.

  10. David says:

    So… now that Armstrong has confessed to doping through most of his career, has your attitude changed at all?? You state that “we will never know for sure.” Well… I think we do now.

    Aren’t you even a little embarrassed??