2013 Sidi Wire Product Review

Sidi Wire

Sidi Wire

Written by: Christian Rinaldi of Team OTR

I have been mulling over the 6.6 or the Wires since the deal was made available. Never would I have an opportunity to get an amazing shoe at the price. Well, not without getting a divorce attorneys business card in the shoe box. I have no place to go today and I had spent ample time at church and the priest asked me to leave. On my way home I hit the shop and say hello. Rob is in there doing the bike shop thing and the same conversation for the last month goes something like this.

Me: Man, I really need some new shoes
Rob: Dude, get the Wires
Me: They are a little expensive
Rob: You are the Captain, you should rock that shit!
Me: Their really flashy
Rob: Get the Wires
Me: I’m scared to ride in them cause you need to be fast and I am not
Rob: Get the Wires
Me: Do you think Jill will get mad? I’m nervous.
Rob: Get the Wires

Stockholm Syndrome finally sets in and I comply. Baby steps Christian,
baby steps. I try them on and I’m like Holy Shit!, I see why these are
500 bucks. I look down at these bright white shoes and feel like a
drug lord in Havana. I mean these things scream Cuban gangster. Rob
asks, “what do you think?” and I respond “500 a kilo”. I knew right
then and there it was the right decision and took them home.

We met up for the D19 ride tonight. We rode as hard as slow people
could climb but I did notice how stiff these shoes are. These shoes
are stiff and light.

I kept looking down at them during the ride and thought, man these
white shoes are so pimp, I probably am going to PR everything today. I
attacked, I rev’d my HR, I dropped a guy on a Magna mountain bike.
Fuck yea! These shoes rock.

When I got home and uploaded the Strava machine. Not only did I find
out that I am no closer to being a climber, the guy on the mountain
bike was on his 10th interval and Dmitry’s break pads were rubbing.
Needless to say I was not disappointed because half of bike racing is
looking good and these shoes do just that!

Make pros look good and guys like me feel pro.

Sidi Wire

Sidi Wire