Cycling “logic”… The Ultimate List by System Six

  1. When we say “clipless” shoes, we of course mean ones that have clips
  2. The derailleur keeps the chain from derailing
  3. Not only can you get dropped from a no-drop ride, but when you do the pack will wait up ahead so you can get dropped over and over again
  4. Hills are like the weather, everybody complains, but nobody does anything about it
  5. The laziest person in the pack is often the best sprinter
  6. If one person suggests you’re not riding smoothly, the rest of the pack is thinking it
  7. If it’s not easy for you to “share” the work, the pack doesn’t want you trying
  8. The race winner is often the person who has the most power and uses the least
  9. There’s a reason accidents happen more often to some people than to others
  10. Three months of focused training can’t withstand two weeks off
  11. Age matters — the people most likely to shred your group ride are either high school students or AARP members
  12. The greater number of groups dressed alike at the start of a ride/race, the faster the pace will be
  13. The appearance of one competitive woman rider will make all the men go faster
  14. Don’t ask a cyclist about his weight unless you have a lot of time to kill
  15. If you spend more time than your wife on shaving legs, wearing tight fitting spandex, and talking about your weight….you’re one of us
  16. If you’ve ever seen a rail-thin runway model and thought “she’d make a good cyclist,” you’re one of us
  17. If you’ve ever bought a house because of it’s location near a place you’d like to ride, you’re definitely one of us
  18. Fuel efficiency:  A good cyclist get about 45 miles to the gallon of Gatorade
  19. Here’s a secret to beating your pals through the hills:  Drop them on first one, and they won’t contest the rest
  20. Normally when you’re tired you simply go back in the pack to rest, but if it’s a fast group you have to get on the front and slow it down
  21. Best way to join a group of riders: Ask if they’d mind you taking a pull at the front
  22. In winter a typical rider will put on the weight of their bike
  23. It’s well understood that what causes some drivers to honk and yell when they see cyclists, is pure and simple envy
  24. Biggest lie in cycling:  “This is a ride, not a race.”  Second biggest:  “Really!”
  25. Your local bike shop would be twice as profitable if there were coin slots on the bathroom door
  26. Often the coldest beer in town is at your local bike shop, but it’s poor form to ask unless you just did the shop ride or bought some gear

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