Product Review: GYST Duffle 1-10


The GYST Duffel 1-10 is one of the most unique and multi functional gear bags we have ever used. With more features than any other duffel bag we know of, this bag can fill just about any athletes needs. From the changing mats to helmet shaped inner compartment, we were very impressed with not only the function, but also the incredible quality.

The main feature is the X-Changer Pack System (XCP System), allowing you to open it anywhere, get changed on a clean mat (keeping your feet dirt free), and giving you a clean bag to carry when you are done. The duffel is fully water repellent.

There is also a removable divider in the main compartment, which gives you endless options. The padded changing mats connect with magnets, hooks, and loops to keep them connected when you are carrying the bag, and easy removal when you want to use them.

There are two front pockets, two side pockets, and four inner mesh zippered pockets to handle your gear from your gel packets to car keys.

Here is just the start to the feature list of the GYST Duffel 1-10:

• XCP system
• Combination of magnets elastic and hooks for ease of use of the 2 padded mats.
• Water repellent fabric
• PU coated fabric expose to the ground with abrasion resistant Hypalon® patch over magnets
• 4 external pockets
• 4 inner mesh pockets and a key holder
• Removable divider in the main compartment
• Breathable removable shoulder strap also use to cinch you bag
• “G1” and “G2” set of woven label indicating in which order to open the mats
• Removable transition mat for ease of cleaning
• Reinforced rip-stop polyester PU coated bottom

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After 4 months of use the GYST Duffle 1-10 shows virtually no wear and is as impressive today as the first time we used it. With over 3 gear bags in the stable, this bag is the go to bag and we can highly recommend it.

The GYST Duffel 1-10 is a versatile gear bag that performs exceptionally. Good on you GYST for bringing this unique duffle to market. We love it. rate the GYST Duffle 1-10
4.5 out of 5.0 chainrings

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