Product Review: Timbuk2 Especial Tres

“Wow! Awesome bag!” and “I want that!” are the two most common phrases I hear when I commute to school with my Timbuk2 Especial Tres black bag. Not only does it store everything that I need (a subject I will get into in a bit) but it is weightless on my back as I ride to and from school, a 14 mile commute.

As a graduate student in a five year program I wanted something that was going to last, and this bag is it. The quality of the bag far surpasses many of the other commuter bags I have had. Even the zippers seem to be made with quality in mind. The harnesses and the velcro all meet my standards, as a student I am constantly in and out of my bag, so it has to last. For two months now I have been putting this bag to the test and it still operates and functions as if it was brand new.

Timbuk2 Especial Tres

Timbuk2 Especial Tres_2

Timbuk2 Especial Tres_3

I tend to bring between 15 and 20 pounds of “stuff” on my commutes, ranging from books, a computer and iPod (both) along with a couple of different note pads, and all of my things fit nicely into this bag. The Especial Tres holds more than I bring and I never feel that there isn’t enough room.

There are three compartments that hold large, medium and small gear. Not to mention there is a special pocket for a laptop. A 15″ laptop fits comfortably in the designated slot.

Here is what really stands out, as a commuting bag, I don’t even realize that it is on my back. On my rides, I can’t begin to tell you how comfortable it is to wear on my back. It feels light, and most importantly my back is able to breath while on my rides.

There are so many features that the designer thought of from a side zip to access all of the things to a removable chest strap. This pack pack stands out from all the rest!

Here is a link to the Timbuk2 website:

Here are just some of the features:



  • Backbender flexible cooling panel for superior ventilation and comfort.
  • Air jet textured for high abrasion resistance and exceptional strength to weight ratio.
  • Comfort backpack straps with hydration or headphone routing, a reflective hit and detachable sternum strap.
  • Sternum strap and detachable waist strap.


  • Internal welded laptop pocket for laptops up to 15″ inches. Guaranteed waterproofing.


  • Rolltop and swing around side access to the main body of the bag.
  • Offer both compression and expansion – significant volume expansion when needed.
  • Compression straps offer flexibility to carry everything but the kitchen sink e.g. wheels, skateboards and odd packages.
  • Multiple quick access pockets on both front and back.
  • U lock holster which can double as a water bottle pocket.
  • Internal organizer for all of the essentials.


  • Highly water resistant design with waterproof zip. rates the Timbuk2 Especial Tres
4.5 out of 5.0 chainrings