Road Shark Blog – Butt’r Lubricant Cream

Written by: Ira Caminong (Road Shark)

At the side of my bed is my bedside table. I have a habit of dumping a metric ton of random crap there. it is there that I have set my keys, glasses, cell phone, watch, wallet, opened and unopened mail, sunscreen, lotion, and lubricant cream. And yes, those last two objects can make a girl want to step back if she sees them at a guy’s bedside table. She might ask “why do you have lubricant cream next to your bed?” The answer to that is quite simple. This lubricant cream is for my buttocks, testicles, and everything else in that area of my body. I generously apply it there before participating in the greatest sporting activity that exists on this planet: Cycling. And as you already know we wear these really tight shorts, and thus my skin is bound to chafe. That is a good way to ruin your day.

The Cycling Team sponsor Chamois Butt’r lubricant is probably one of the best inventions in the world of cycling that involves wearing tight spandex outfits. I did not start using it until I joined the Cycling Team last month. I used to ignore the pain because an endurance athlete is supposed to embrace pain and all that. But, a lubricant cream that takes away one of the more minor of pains in the sport should be good for you. I’m pretty sure chafing can be bad for you. I’m no doctor, but I bet doctors would tell you that chafing is bad.

So if you are like I used to be and MAN UP when it comes to the lower carriage friction issues, stop, listen, and learn from your chaffing. Get some Chamois Butt’r and let all your friction problems slide away.

Chamois Butt’r Cartoon

Artwork by: Hector Castro
For Info on his art work contact on our contact page