Sorensen and Kroon Staying With Team Tinkoff-Saxo

Team Saxo-Tinkoff

Team Saxo-Tinkoff

Dane Nicki Sørensen and Dutchman Karsten Kroon will stay with Tinkoff-Saxo.

The two highly experienced riders have both agreed to contracts for 2014 effectively continuing their spells with the team.

General Manager Bjarne Riis is delighted by the agreements as he sees the two veterans as vital pieces of the team’s backbone.

“The value of riders like Nicki and Karsten can hardly be underestimated as they add a great amount of stability to the team and at the same time they are simply great guys to be around,” Bjarne Riis states.

“Nicki might be a veteran by now, but he is still very strong and motivated. He takes a lot of responsibility in races and training and is one of the riders, who act as an extended arm of the sport management, and with his experience he can race every single race in the calendar.”

“A lof of the same qualities goes with Karsten. He is a key person in our classic campaign using his skills and routine to guide his teammates in the peloton. He knows these races better than most riders, and this definitely had a great impact on Roman’s win in Amstel Gold Race this year,” Riis continues.

38 year-old Nicki Sørensen, a four time Danish national champion and Tour de France stage winner, is ready to kick off an impressive 14th straight season with the team and still feels he has more wins in him.

“I still have a great passion for the sport, and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else than on this team, so I’m happy to extend my contract for another year, my 14th season with the team. Naturally, I’m targeting results on my own in 2014, but I’m more than happy to be a supporting rider as well as sharing my experience with the young riders,” Nicki Sørensen says.

37 year old Karsten Kroon, also a Tour de France stage winner, will be starting his seventh season with the team and hopes his contribution will help secure wins for his teammates.

“I’m very happy to be able to stay with this great team for another year. I know that I’m not as strong as when I was 30, but I feel I can provide a lot of experience to the young riders. Basically, I love riding my bike and as long as my passion is intact and I’ve got something to offer, I want to be in the peloton. There are still good riders out there without a contract for next year, so obviously I feel very fortunate to continue to be part of one the best teams out there,” Karsten Kroon adds.