The Cranky Mechanic – “The Look”

By Uncle Chad

I have been away from the group riding scene lately. I have not graced the weekend warriors, the Fondo lovers, the Century fanatics, the dumb MTBr’s, P-crossers and F’ng roadies. But I have at least been getting out and riding some new areas, routes and climbs. What a concept eh? Something new!

Century Rider Guy

Century Rider Guy

But as I ride in these new areas there is one thing that is in common, the “look”. Man I tell ya, other riders still look at you like your riding a muddy pig! It’s not that they’re gonna kick your ass on a climb on a Wednesday afternoon after work, it’s that “my bike is better than your bike look”. Are we not over that yet? I mean we all know the bikes nowadays are all made overseas (mostly). And now with Cyclocross and single speed, you can actually have 20 bikes under your belt just to keep up with all the disciplines! What fun! Just another reason to bug the crap out of your friends talking about some bike you want or have to have. Then two years pass and they never got the damn bike! You reminisce about the 45 minutes that person wasted of your precious life, and you swear you won’t do it again. But since the only thing you have in common with your cycling friends is bicycles, so you fall back into this loop of listening, reminiscing, and swearing. It’s a vicious cycle. (get it?).

Then you go back to the same Saturday and Sunday meeting point to meet these same cyclists you have learned to hate, and once again talk about bikes. Meanwhile, everyone is giving “the look” and as each puts their two cents in. Everyone’s eyes are rolled back in their heads like a shark eating a triggerfish! It’ amazing that everyone can even focus when the ride begins! (sweatball dripping off my nose!)

Now, these rides have not gotten faster, easier, friendlier, or more palatable just because the bicycles have gotten lighter, stiffer or prettier. But the bikes have surely gotten more expensive. And the “look” has survived steel, aluminum, carbon and even Lance. It is a monster that will live on forever. Amazingly, this is one of the only sports where two people with completely different personalities, and who vehemently dislike each other, can come together for a few hours, enjoy a ride, and give each other shit about how their bike is better than the others!

Till next Ride
Uncle Chad