The Climbs At The 2014 Giro d’Italia


MILAN, May 08, 2014 – The 97th edition of the Giro d’Italia, which
begins in Belfast on Friday, features a total of nine climbs.

Four of the mountain top finishes will be on ‘medium’ mountain ranges,
while five will finish at altitude.

The highest point of this year’s Giro, held from May 9 to June 1, is the
famed Stelvio climb (2,758 metres altitude) which will be raced during stage

The key climbs including length, gradients (in percentage) and altitude:

Stage 8 (Montecopiolo):
Montecopiolo: 18,8km at 6.3% (1,235m)

Stage 9 (Sestola):
Passo del Lupo, Sestola: 10.7km at 5.7% (1,528m)

Stage 14 (Oropa):
Bielmonte: 18.3km at 6.2% (1,482m)
Oropa: 11.8km at 6.2% (1,142m)

Stage 15 (Montecampione):
Plan di Montecampione: 18.6km at 7.8% (1,665m)

Stage 16 (Val Martello):
Gavia pass: 16.5km at 8% (2,618m)
Stelvio pass: 21.7km at 7.2% (2,758m)
Val Martello: 22.3km at 6.4% (2,051m)

Stage 18 (Panarotta Refuge, Valsugana):
San Pellegrino pass: 11.8km at 6.4% (1,918m)
Panarotta Refuge: 15.8km at 7.9% (1,760m)

Stage 19 (Monte Grappa):
Monte Grappa: 19.3km at 8% (1,712m)

Stage 20 (Monte Zoncolan):
Pura pass: 11.2km at 7.7% (1,428m)
Sella Razzo: 15.8km at 5.2% (1,816m)
Monte Zoncolan: 10.1km at 11.9% (1,730m)