Daryl Impey Cleared Of Doping Of Probenecid

Impey Has A Yellow Reason To Smile

Impey Has A Yellow Reason To Smile

PARIS, Aug 29, 2014 (AFP) – South African Daryl Impey has been cleared of
doping and can return to competition, the ORICA-GreenEDGE rider and his
Australian team confirmed on Friday.

The South African, the first-ever African to wear the Tour de France’s
yellow jersey last year, tested positive in February for Probenecid.

Impey said in a statement that he had been able to prove a case of
“cross-contamination”, adding that he had been “cleared of any fault or

“Whilst I never disputed the lab results and the finding, I was put in a
very tough position of defending my case due to strict liability,” Impey said
on his website.

“That being said, and after already having to go back five months to try
find out how this could have happened, I finally was able to prove that this
was a case of cross-contamination and I was also cleared of any fault or
negligence on my part.

“It has been definitely the hardest two months of my life. It has been a
huge financial loss and has been tough on my whole family.

“But I was determined to show that I am clean and that I would never cheat
to try get an advantage over my competitors. I am so relieved that this has
now been proven.”

Impey, 29, added that he hoped to compete in the world championships in
Ponferrada, Spain in late September.

The Australian team’s general manager Shayne Bannan welcomed the decision.

“We are extremely happy with the fact that Daryl has been 100% cleared to
race and we all look forward to having him back riding for us,” Bannan said in
a statement on the club’s website.

“Daryl is a key rider for the team and we are very pleased with how he has
handled his case and the process around it. We will reinstate Daryl in our
racing roster as soon as possible,” he added.

Probenecid is a substance used to treat gout and hyperuricema but banned
because it can be used as a masking agent.