Eurobike – Day 1 Report and Photos


Written by: Myles McCory

1 The 2014 Prologo tt saddle is sent from heaven from me any other riders who slide forward/back when on the rivet in a time trial. I had tried the older model which would keep your pelvis where the bike fitter desired but would eat shorts, the abrasive insert destroying the Lycra. The new model uses small hollow rubber tubes to match and grap the forward penial area, increasing the contact area 5 fold. 239 grams for carbon railed version. Like- like – like.

photo 5

2. Campagnolo’s latest Record and chorus chain sets are a stunning addition to the evolution of the pedal cycle. 15 percent stiffer, better up stiffs from redesigned pins and new four bolt patten are the design stats. I just think it is very desirable and the match of shimano’s makeover.

photo 4

3 and 4. Colnago have a new and improved C60. Ferrari have had lots to do with it apparently, or Enzo just drove here and didn’t want to park outside. Still sticking with a lugged into set carbon tubes. Still amazing but very bulky compared to the sleek offerings of the aero trend in frame sets.

photo 3
photo 2

5. Shimano’s road disc have been out for 6 months but the hydraulic lever has already had a redesign. A lot is fitted into a grip not that different from a mechanical STI. The master cylinder is set vertical and it is very neat.

photo 1

6-7. If you like bikes something will take your breath away at eurobike. This afternoon’s asthma attack was delivered by Cinelli. A 1460 gram stainless steel dream frame set . A work of art. Seamless tig welding and seat post clamp inter grated into the top of the seat stays. Anyone got 7000 euros spare?

photo 4[1]
photo 3[1]

8. Light blue are newish English company, revisiting the retro bikes of old- shamelessly. Copy super record 1970s cranks, Taiwan sourced mafac centre pulls on a hand brazed Reynolds 853 frame. Lovely.

photo 2[1]

9. The eurobike fashion show. Fantastically terrible. Euro pop with pretty girls and guys dancing in downhill gear. Cyclists just don’t dance and if they did it’s at the club dinner.

photo 1[1]