Product Review: Greenstar Bikes’ Ecoforce 1 Bamboo Bicycle


At this point we have all seen, or at least heard about, a bicycle frame that is partially made out of bamboo. And if you are anything like me, you thought how cool it would be to have one of your own, until you looked at what they are charging for that bamboo bicycle frame. We have seen them starting around $1,200 up to as much as $6,000, which puts it way out of the “it would be nice to have” budget for most of us.

So when we got our first look at the Greenstar Bikes bamboo bicycle called the Ecoforce 1 we were immediately interested in getting one for a product review. Not only was it super nice to look at, but the price of the complete bicycle was better than anything we have seen prior. The retail price of the Ecoforce 1 is just $499. Yes, you heard us right; just $499 for the complete bike.

Besides the low price, the coolest parts of this bicycle are the looks and comments we get when riding it. There is not one time that we have been riding this bike that we do not get stopped and asked what it is made of. And when we tell folks that yes, those tubes are really made from bamboo, everyone wants to touch them, and then buy the bike for themselves. Of all the bikes that we have tested and reviewed, this one got the most comments and attention.

As cool as it is to ride around town on this bike, it is fair to point out what it is not. It is not a race bike, it is not very light (comes in at 20 pounds), and it is not very fast. It really is a solid basic bicycle for getting around town, commuting to work, riding to the coffee shop, and cruising with your fixie friends. We have put over 500 miles on it and it has held up great, and rides as well as the first day we got it.

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The Ecoforce 1 is a single speed bike that comes with a reversible hub so it can easily convert to a fixed gear (fixie). The bamboo tubes are mated to recycled 6061 aluminum lugs, bringing the frame in at a little less than 4 pounds. It comes in three very noticeable colors, blue, white, and our favorite, the impossible-to-ignore green. The bamboo is used for the top tube, down tube, seat tube, and seat stays. It has a color matching crankset, color matching saddle, and color matching aero wheelset. It comes with a riser handlebar with both front and rear brakes. It comes in 4 sizes: 49cm, 52cm, 56cm, and 60cm.

The Greenstar Ecoforce 1 bamboo bicycle has become our go-to bike for getting around town, and looking good doing it. For the $499 price you will get a bike that is sure to attract attention and perform as well as any bike in the price range.

This bike oozes cool.

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