Product Review: MyID Personal Identification Bracelet

“Bang! Squeak! Honk!”, these are the last sounds you heard. Now you are waking up in a bright hospital room, hearing the voice of some young nurse yelling, “Doctor, doctor he’s awake!”. Your head is spinning, you feel some weird pain in your chest. A man you’ve never seen before steps in the room to relieve the nurse and asks, “Sir, what’s your name?”Such a simple question, yet you have no answer, “ummmm I don’t know” “Sir is there anyone we can call?” Another simple question, “Yes, wait, ummm I dont know”.

As a cyclist waking up in a hospital room with no recollection of who you are is one of our worst nightmares, yet unfortunately a very possible reality. Cyclists are exposed to various road hazards, cars, debris, pot holes, etc. These hazards can be life threatening if not deadly. Although it is very difficult to avoid these dangers, myID is a big step you can take in order to ease the outcome if you ever have to suffer from any type of life threatening injury.

When I first heard of myID I was very skeptical. What are the chances that a paramedic will actually look at my wrist, and locate the myID bracelet? After talking with some friends and a couple Google searches I learned that paramedics are now trained to actually look for an identification bracelet. This new found information was very comforting and I proceeded in setting up my personal myID.

At first glance I was very impressed with the packaging of myID. The box I received included an instruction booklet, stickers, and wallet cards. The setup of the myID was fast an easy. Simply go to the myID website, put in as little or as much information as you would like, and your done. I was also impressed on how easy it was to size and cut the bracelet. MyID comes with a measuring band, which tells you after measuring your wrist how much to cut off each side of the bracelet. I found this measuring technique very simple and accurate.

MyID works three different ways. To get the information from your myID, medical professionals can either scan the QR code on the bracelet, wallet card, or sticker to view all of the information you put on your myID. Secondly they can go to the myID website and view all of your information from the website by simply putting in your id and pin from the bracelet, wallet card, or sticker. Finally they can also call the 24/7 live operator, give them the id and pin, and the operator can pull up all of your information. The myID app is only for iPhone so I was not able to test the QR code feature, but I was able to test the myID website, which worked smoothly and gave me all of my personal and health information in seconds.

Overall I am impressed with myID and I would definitely recommend it to a friend. The only concern I have is if I lose my myID. If a stranger picks it up and knows what to do with it they are able to have full access to my personal and medical information. Then again it’s not any different than if I lose my wallet. Check out myID at their website


  1. Judith Feldman says:

    Activating my new myID bracelet was easy. I just had to follow a few simple steps on their website and fill in my personal information and it was ready to go. It took me less than 10 minutes to do.
    Now I look forward to wearing it on my rides as it gives me piece of mind to know that all my medical information and emergency contact info is accessible to the paramedics.
    It also has a sleek look to it and feels comfortable to wear.
    I would definitely recommend it to all cyclist and athletes.