Team Garmin-Sharp Giro d’Italia Stage 1 Update


A crash in stage 1 of the Giro d’Italia today saw four Garmin-Sharp riders hit the ground.

Andre Cardoso, Koldo Fernandez, Nathan Haas, and team co-leader Dan Martin all sustained injuries of varying degrees.

Dan Martin was transported immediately from the site of the crash to a local hospital for evaluation where doctors confirmed a broken clavicle. He continues to be evaluated for additional injuries. Koldo Fernandez fought to the finish but was transported to a local hospital where doctors confirmed a broken clavicle.

Andre Cardoso and Nathan Haas suffered contusions and abrasions and will be evaluated further tonight by team medical staff.

Charly Wegelius, Director Sportif:
Today was a tough day and means a change in strategy for the team. We came in with two leaders, Dan and Ryder, and a strong team built to support them and give us options through out the race. We still have a strong team and we have Ryder, who’s already won here. It’s heartbreak for Dan in particular, we all know how much this meant to him, but that gives us motivation. We’ll keep fighting forward. These guys are not just teammates, they are good friends and we’ll all use this as motivation for the next three weeks to shake up the race and create opportunities for ourselves. For the team to wait for Dan, for the whole team and the injured who were able to do so – to pick themselves up and press on – shows true courage and character and that’s what we will continue to do here.

Ryder Hesjedal:
You never want to see something like this happen. Right now, I’m just concerned for my teammates, Koldo and Dan, and I’m especially sad for Dan. I know how much it meant to him to be racing here, and how much this race meant to him. But with that comes motivation for the rest of the guys here. We will regroup and refocus – we have a strong team here and we’re fighters. We will look for opportunities for the rest of the race and do everything we can to make Dan and Koldo proud. We may be down, but don’t