Klemencic Receives Provisional Ban For 2012 EPO Positive


Richmond, United States, Sept 19, 2015 (AFP) – Slovenian mountain bike
specialist Blaza Klemencic, a two-time Olympian, has received a provisional
suspension from the International Cycling Union (UCI) three years after giving
a positive doping sample for EPO.

The UCI revealed on Saturday in a website posting that the sample in the
case, given on March 27, 2012, had tested positive when reanalyzed recently.

Last month, Italy’s Giampaolo Caruso (Katusha) was suspended for a sample
given in 2012.

UCI has said where possible it will follow the World Anti-Doping Agency
(WADA) code and store and re analyze samples over 10 years to allow for
scientific advancements in doping tests.

Klemencic, 35, was third in this year’s European Championships in cross
country. She had competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London