Transition Seamlessly With OGIO’s New X-TRAIN 2 Athletic Pack

XTRAIN 2_Final[2]

Salt Lake City, UT – (March 30, 2015) – For an active professional, showing up prepared and organized is half the battle when fitting in a workout within a demanding work schedule. Whatever your training regimen; OGIO’s new X-TRAIN 2 is intelligently organized to move from workout to workday with ease. Crafted from high-tensile strength materials, OGIO injected the X-TRAIN 2 with a shot of adrenaline-driven styling to match an active lifestyle.

“Heading from the office straight to the gym needs to be an efficient process for busy professionals,” says Mark Talarico, Vice President of Endurance Sports at OGIO. “Fumbling and searching through a large single compartment duffel bag for your energy bar or towel is not time well spent. X-TRAIN 2 is designed to eliminate this gear disorganization. The dedicated storage developed to house your fitness watch, shoes, bike helmet, clothes and work laptop, is a huge help saving time when going from a workout to the office and vice versa..”

OGIO has incorporated a crush-resistant lid to the fleece lined valuables pocket that allows for safe keeping of all your tech equipment. The convenient water bottle side-pocket is positioned for easy access and a large top compartment provides clothes storage and nutrition pockets to house energy gels, bars and other workout fuels. The lower-side compartment provides standalone storage for wet/post-workout clothes and/or shoes, keeping performance wear separated from clean non-workout items.

The newest member to OGIO’s Active Collection is also hydration pack ready for use as a weekend getaway bag or on hikes. Additionally, adjustable side cinch straps for yoga mat or towel storage, a removable external bike helmet carrying strap and padded laptop storage make the X-TRAIN 2 truly multipurpose to power through whatever your day might bring. OGIO’s X-TRAIN 2 athletic pack is available now at for $79.99.