Strength, Power and Muscle Gain For The 2016 Cycling Season

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By: Kristi Belohlavek, R.D.

The 2016 cycling season is underway, and with it come the long training rides, one-day and multi-day stage races, and attempts to expedite muscle recovery amidst jam-packed travel schedules and time on the road. In today’s cycling age, it is more important than ever to know exactly what’s in your nutritional supplements and to guarantee the safety and integrity of the nutrients you put into your body to fuel performance and recovery. Logging countless miles day after day puts both physical and mental strain on even the world’s top athletes, so optimizing nutrition for long-term health and well-being, as well as dialing in the proper race-day fuel, is critically important. That’s where we come in.

At Klean Athlete, we work with cyclists of all levels, from weekend riders to professional and Olympic level contenders, to help them train cleanly, safely and wisely. We’re proud to be the official nutritional supplement brand of the Axeon Hagens Berman Cycling Team and to have BMX Champion Alise Post as a valued member of our Klean Team, a group of athletes committed to safe, clean training. They turn to us for cleaner, safer alternatives to common protein powders, electrolytes and recovery powders to fuel their training and race days, as well as provide a strong nutritional foundation for long-term wellness so they can train more consistently and effectively.†

To that end, we’re excited to share our newest product, Klean BCAA + PEAK ATP®, a unique combination of branched-chain amino acids and ATP to optimize physical performance by promoting strength, power and muscle gain, allowing the body to train longer and stronger.† This is critical for any athlete, and is especially beneficial for cyclists, who spend very long hours in the saddle each day.

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Research has shown BCAAs may be beneficial as an endurance and muscle recovery aid, while also supporting immune function during high-intensity exercise and activity.† PEAK ATP® supports tissues in the body and provides a direct source of energy to muscles, allowing the body to train longer and stronger.† We carefully curated the ingredients for Klean BCAA + PEAK ATP, conducting stringent testing and careful formulation of the product to meet the training needs of the most serious athletes, as well as comply with the NSF Certified for Sport Program.

At Klean Athlete, we invest heavily in science and research to drive our product innovation and verify the safety of our supplements. As committed and passionate athletes ourselves, we believe in providing healthier, cleaner and safer nutritional supplements to help athletes maintain peak performance, while also keeping a meticulous eye on each ingredient to ensure compliance with competitive regulations. That’s why every single lot of Klean Athlete product is NSF Certified for Sport®, verifying that it undergoes meticulous testing and is screened for approximately 200 athletic banned substances from the WADA, NFL and MLB prohibited-substances lists.

Cyclists and endurance athletes looking for an additional recovery boost often pair Klean BCAA+ PEAK ATP with Klean Recovery™, a milk chocolate-flavored powder with a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein that helps support glycogen re-synthesis and muscle protein synthesis immediately after a workout.†
What is most important is that no two athletes are exactly the same. When selecting nutritional supplements, it is important to consider whether it is NSF Certified for Sport® and developed based on sound science, and whether it provides the right support and nutrients that you need to train, compete, recover and repeat.

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†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

By: Kristi Belohlavek, R.D., Director of Product Development and Clinical Education for Klean Athlete
Kristi is a Registered Dietitian and an active member of the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice Group. In addition to developing science-based formulas, she coordinates the clinical education webinars at Klean Athlete and provides product support and training to the sales team.

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