Mio Link A Simple, Smart, Heart Rate Strap for Your Wrist

Mio Link 2
By Dave Lieberman

Mio Global makes advanced wearable technology for athletes. I like to call it a “smart” heart rate strap, that is a comfortable, soft silicone device that you wear on your wrist instead of around your chest.

Mio Link 2

It connects to select GPS watches and bike computers via ANT+ and syncs with Android and iPhone fitness apps via Bluetooth Smart (4.0). Whatever the device, it is very simple set up with what you intend to use or pair it with.

The technology is top notch. Its described as EKG accurate, and they state: “every Mio Performance Wearable contains our patented, award-winning Optical Heart Rate Technology. The optical sensor detects the volume of blood beneath your skin, and immediately applies a patented algorithm to measure your heart’s rhythm and display your heart rate”. I found the heart rate to be very accurate when compared to a chest strap sensor on comparable rides.

Lately I have been using the Strava app on my phone just for the ease of use, the fact I like the accuracy it gives me, and that it has a nice auto pause feature. I don’t train with power, so the one item I was missing was heart rate. The Mio link is the most “basic” of five models they have. I was excited to jump at the chance to test one, because the chest mount straps were really irritating my skin, which was the main reason why I stopped using them. The Link has no numerical display, it’s as basic, but smart, as can be. It easily hooked up via blue tooth in my phone. As stated before, it also has ANT+ ability too. I even downloaded a few different apps from the Google Play Store to test it before finally hooking up with the Strava app.

Mio comparison chart

Online there are easy step by step connection directions to connect you to your Strava app, although it is only a few. Charge your Mio Link in the charger. Make sure you have blue tooth enabled on your phone, but don’t “pair” any devices, let Strava app (or whatever app you choose) do the pairing. Strap the Link just like a watch onto your wrist, then push the button on and it starts to transmit. A small led will turn on letting you know its functioning. Open the Strava app and you are set.

With the phone in my Camel Back, and the Mio Link on my wrist, I feel totally unencumbered. No numbers staring me in the face, and the feel of no chest strap is truly nice. Even on longer rides, the battery outlasts the rides, and the accuracy is still right on. I used it on the cross country trails at Oleta State Park in Miami for the first few rides. Later, I embarked on a 90-mile road ride to Ft Lauderdale and back I barely remember I was wearing it. It does hook up to most GPS devices and watches, so Strava is not the only option.

Strava Screenshots

When you just want simple and smart, Mio is a great product for any of your devices.