Cycling Coach: Train Your Brain and Your Legs Will Follow

Train Your Brain -

“I would if I could’ is finished for you now. I would if I could has an ending for you now. From now on, 'I would if I could' is over for you and done and finished. You cut it loose you let it go completely and permanently. Your new motto will be 'I can' and now you will know that you can. Can you not? Yes you can. 'I would if I could' is over and done and finished and gone and 'I … [Read more...]

Overheard on the Amgen Tour of California

One of the beauties of world class bike tours, is the world class character of the men who ride. Fierce competitors, but honorable sportsmen who respect their foes. With all of the talk of drugs and doping, its great to listen to these road warriors talk about their sport and the peleton in their own voices. Here's are a few choice comments from stages 1 and 2. Levi Leipheimer (Santa … [Read more...]

10 Most Commonly Asked Cycling Questions

What follows are some of the most commonly asked questions Mr. Liquid Fitness (pictured) has gotten over the last 6 years as a full time cycling coach. Top 10 questions asked to (I'm guessing) just about any cycling coach. I'm feeling tired, should I do my intervals today? I couldn't get my heart rate into the proper zone on my training ride today. What should I do? I'm feeling a little … [Read more...]

Winter Training

With this article, proudly welcomes Mr. Liquid Fitness to the team. He's the guy over on the right. Since most of you have been or will soon be taking some time away from the bike after a long, grueling season of racing or club riding, we've put the Be Your Own Coach series on hold for a few months, but it is now time to get back into it. It is time to start writing your training … [Read more...]