Training With the Zone 3 Syndrome

Sometimes a little friendly competition can ruin the whole ride

By: Josh Horowitz @ Liquid Fitness The best way to train is by going as hard as you can for as long as you can on every ride you do, right? As we begin the off-season in the northern hemisphere, let's examine the idea of base training. First up, we discuss the dreaded "Zone 3 plateau" and how to begin getting out of the cycle of constant hammering. The Hammer Syndrome We may be entering the … [Read more...]

VeloGuy Featured in LA Sports & Fitness

LA S&W September 2007

VeloGuy of has gotten himself into the magazine called LAS&F (Los Angeles Sports & Fitness). As a member of Team Polar he not only rides in bicycle races, but also in races in triathlons. As an advocate for Team Polar he conducts clinics on the proper use of training with a heart rate monitors, as well as the proper use of the Polar heart rate products for both cycling as well as … [Read more...]

PeLOGOton – the Tour de France’s Prominent Endorsement Parade

discovery cycling jersey

"As much as cycling is about sport, it is also about advertising". For those who don't have a NY Times online subscription, read why: For Sponsors, Tour Is Nearly a Monthlong Bonanza of Exposure By EDWARD WYATT MARSEILLE, France, July 18 — When Cédric Vasseur crossed the finish line here to win the 10th stage of the Tour de France on Wednesday, he did so in the signature image of the … [Read more...]

Agency Of Cycling Ethics – Introduction To A New Monthly Column

I’d like to introduce myself and our company – I am the CEO for the Agency for Cycling Ethics, “ACE”. We are bringing you this monthly column for to discuss cycling from the perspective of the teams and riders and the many important issues that have of late, tainted the sport. We will discuss the ethics in cycling and the moral code of conduct of the sport, but bring you both … [Read more...]

Frank Zappa Teaches Steve Allen to “Blow the Bicycle”

Long before Howard Stern fans would call shows to yell "Bababooey", before Jay Leno, before Johnny Carson, there was Steve Allen... with a beardless and deadpan-funny Frank Zappa goofing on Steve and his studio audience with two bicycles, two drumsticks and a bow. Welcome to the Tonight Show, circa 1963: Watch: Part 1 | Part 2. This got me Googling around and there's a story called … [Read more...]

Beer Bike — The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of Cycling

Does anyone remember the old Reese's Peanut Butter Cups commercial where someone eating while carrying chocolate collides with someone else eating peanut butter? How could a half century of anything named Beer Bike be a bad thing? Started on a whim by three students in 1957, Rice's cycling and chugging competition has grown into a well-organized event that marks its 50th annual running … [Read more...]

Previewing the New Liquid Fitness Kit… Featuring!

Way cool! Check out the side panels. Order yours! And in the meantime, check out Liquid Fitness! … [Read more...]

Engineering Tomorrow’s Human Powered Vehicle

Jason Lewis 2007 CSUN HPV Team Who wouldn’t like to go faster, and ride in greater comfort? How would you like to be able to run errands, maybe pick up some groceries, and not have to carry them in a backpack? The need for speed, comfort, and utility drives the development of new technology in transportation. Many obstacles hamper the traditional bike: the rider position and lack of … [Read more...]

Cycling Coach: Train Your Brain and Your Legs Will Follow

Train Your Brain -

“I would if I could’ is finished for you now. I would if I could has an ending for you now. From now on, 'I would if I could' is over for you and done and finished. You cut it loose you let it go completely and permanently. Your new motto will be 'I can' and now you will know that you can. Can you not? Yes you can. 'I would if I could' is over and done and finished and gone and 'I … [Read more...]

Overheard on the Amgen Tour of California

One of the beauties of world class bike tours, is the world class character of the men who ride. Fierce competitors, but honorable sportsmen who respect their foes. With all of the talk of drugs and doping, its great to listen to these road warriors talk about their sport and the peleton in their own voices. Here's are a few choice comments from stages 1 and 2. Levi Leipheimer (Santa … [Read more...]