A Week in the Gutter

Written by: BikePure It should have been a week when we celebrate Cadel Evan’s fantastic victory in La Fléche Wallonne – but his teammate Thomas Frei Tested Positive for EPO. It should have been a week when we are glued to the coverage of the Giro del Trentino, but convicted cheats Vino, Ricco and Basso lead the general classification. It should have been a week that Chinese cyclists … [Read more...]

The New Human Growth Hormone Test

Written by: BikePure.org There has been much publicity recently regarding the new test for the banned Human Growth Hormone. It has long been the case that some riders have abused this substance, yet there was never a sufficient, reliable blood test to determine if a rider had been using it, until now that is. After many months of research and development, a test was finally put into place and … [Read more...]

Why I Joined BikePure

My decision on joining BikePure was quite easy. There are too many racers today that I once looked up to and now look down upon. Especially as a junior, a lot of the pro racers are my idols. As I see more of them test positive I regret that I even noticed them. But I’m just an older junior, younger juniors that always know what is going on in the pro tour always say, “ I want to be like … [Read more...]

Goodbye Individual Pursuit, Hello Omnium

Written by: Myles McCorry Although I am sad to see the exclusion of the individual pursuit from the Olympics- I am delighted to see the inclusion of the Omnium. I grew up with the 4000-meter pursuit. The head to head, split screen TV was electric viewing. It was the ultimate benchmark for a track cyclist. I was hypnotized to the evolution of Mike Burrows ‘Lotus’ bike ridden by Chris … [Read more...]


Written by: Myles McCorry @ BikePure How will cycling change its own future if it continues to make the same mistakes that have left the sport tarnished and damaged in the past. Today Erik Zabel self confessed doper became member of the ProTour council of the International Cycling Federation (UCI), admittedly a successful cyclist, a great cyclist- but why not hire one of the riders that … [Read more...]

Cycle Industry Take Stand To Protect The Sport Through BikePure

Bike Pure’s call for sponsors and the cycle trade to support only to teams and riders committed to drug free cycling and those breaking such a bond of trust would have their sponsorship agreement terminated. Endorse the Future of Cyclesport: No sponsor wants his or her brand associated with scandal and in the past it has been all to common occurrence within … [Read more...]

Kill(er) The Sport

Written by: Myles McCorry Last year, the International Cycling Union launched the most awaited tool to combat doping — the biological passport program. Although it has not yet identified any rider with the said programme, the UCI says that it would be revealing the first cases before May 9 2009, in time for the start of the Giro d’Italia. UCI spokesperson Enrico Carpani said “with the … [Read more...]

Italian Ploice Arrest Failed Pro Aleksandar Nikacevic In Doping Ring

Written by: Myles McCorry As the eyes of the world are on cycling, it happens again. As the non-bikers tune in for their annual cheer for the yellow jersey- yet again, cycling messes up. All the hard work by the riders and teams to clean up the sport- destroyed. This morning, Italian police arrested failed pro, turned coach Aleksandar Nikacevic for being the mastermind behind a huge doping … [Read more...]

Greg Lemond – Love Him Or Hate Him

Written by : Myles McCorry www.BIKEPURE.org To meet a cycling legend is a memorable day for any biker. To meet the rider who turned victor in the most amazing dogfight with Laurent Fignon in the 1989 Tour de France is a great day. Lemond is a hero. Who could forget his bullish attacking riding style throughout the 1980s and early 90's. On Saturday morning in Limerick, Ireland, a one hundred or … [Read more...]

Dekker – A Young Talent Gone Bad?

Written by: Myles McCorry WWW.BIKEPURE.ORG DEKKER: At the World Championships in Varese last Autumn Thomas Dekker's agent was trying hard to secure his rider a contract for the 2009 season. The reasons for Dekkers removal from the Rabobank squad last year are still unclear. Dekker said it was due to his non selection for the Tour de France, Rabobank said it was his 'non compliance with their … [Read more...]