The Cranky Mechanic – “The Look”

Century Rider Guy

By Uncle Chad I have been away from the group riding scene lately. I have not graced the weekend warriors, the Fondo lovers, the Century fanatics, the dumb MTBr’s, P-crossers and F’ng roadies. But I have at least been getting out and riding some new areas, routes and climbs. What a concept eh? Something new! But as I ride in these new areas there is one thing that is in common, … [Read more...]

The Cranky Mechanic – How Lite Can You Go?

By Uncle Chad Ewh boy! It’s been a while. What happened is that I test road a new bike, and it was so light that I broke the earth’s gravitational pull, and just drifted off in a thermal across the horizon and couldn’t get back down! What the hell is happening here? The bikes are getting so lite it’s crazy! (Sweatball dripping off my nose!). First it was titanium, then … [Read more...]

Cranky Mechanic – The Perfect Post

The Cranky Mechanic “The Perfect Post”. By Uncle Chad I always hear the phrase “we are truly in the information age”. Every year that statement multiplies exponentially. It used to be if you farted and no one smelled it, no one knew. Fart online, and the whole world knows!!! One must now be careful in ones’ posts, twitters, emails, and replies or you may end up yelled at, … [Read more...]

The Night Was Cold

Just as the weather can’t get any worse, so starts the racing season. For the Pros that is. Why the rest of California wants to start at the same time, is a hundred thousand dollar question for sure. We only dress like pros, ride their bikes, train like them, and take testosterone (allegedly) just like them. Why should we start at the same time as them? Oddly enough, most cyclists are … [Read more...]

The Cranky Mechanic: Left Turn at Albequeque

By Uncle Chad First of all, while I write this, there is a fly that is buzzing around my apartment. He has been in here for 2 days, and I don’t think, I mean I know, he hasn’t rested since slipping by my Italian made Campy screen door. How any animal, insect or such, can constantly expend that much energy without any food, water, or poo, is truly one of God’s great wonders. We, as … [Read more...]

The Cranky Mechanic – Package This!

By Uncle Chad Man, I tell you, ya can’t do nuthin’ for under a hundred bucks anymore. Cell phone, cable TV, parking ticket in LA, skewers for my super-duper Campy Fulcrum Zero Light racing wheels,,, It costs you to sell stuff online, it costs you to buy stuff on line, it costs you to get on line! I’m surprised it doesn’t cost you something not to do anything at all!! (Sweat ball … [Read more...]

Our Bonehead of The Week Award Winner

This is a police video of an officer riding in the right hand lane and gets some driver frustrated. The driver lays on his horn not realizing that the bike is being ridden by a cop. The driver earns our bonehead of the week award. Who are you honking at? from Keri Caffrey on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

If Bass Fishermen Made Bikes – Interbike 09

The Cranky Mechanic By Uncle Chad Ooohhh boy-oh-boy I tell ya. I was just at Interbike 09. Sometimes what happens in Vegas should definitely stay in Vegas, and some should come with you home in a ditty bag. Used to be the show was expensive to get to, and your bike was cheap. Now the show is cheap, and the bikes ya cant afford!! (sweatball,,,, you know the rest). Granted the bikes … [Read more...]

The 10 Thousand Dollar Chair

Written by: Uncle Chad Man, there is nothing like seeing someone with a Rolex that doesn’t keep time, a Ferrari that’s in the shop, ROGANI BRUNO and FRANCO’s with poop on the bottom of their soles, or a ten thousand dollar racing bike being used as a desk chair. Pure, personal enjoyment, I tell ya. Last week a rider said he just swapped out his standard skewers on his 9860.00 bike with … [Read more...]

The Cranky Mechanic Presented by…..

I don’t get it. A few years ago, some father who owns a big corporate company, gave his son-in-law a schnazzy upper level management job in charge of the making and distributing of fangled widgets. The fact is he really doesn’t do anything, everybody hates him, and the company would run well without him. Oh, they also sponsored some sort of team. Since the son-in-law does nothing all day … [Read more...]