Fisch Tales Bicycle Blog – Recent Engagement = Recent Lack of Riding

Recent Engagement = Recent Lack of Riding Written by: Jonathan Fisch (Soon to be husband, and ex CAT4 racer) My past life: As I reflect on my life, I can only think of the last 7 years when I got into cycling. Only last year focusing on racing. My life has been about the miles I put on my bike, the adventures that I have had with other fellow roadies, and of course the laughs I get once I … [Read more...]

Death Last To Top 20

FIRST RACE Race day, the day that I have been looking forward to for so long has finally arrived. I have trained, dieted, shaved my legs and even washed my kit. My Bicycle.Net kit looks sick, and bike is riding well. How do I feel, sick to my stomach, I have been sick all week with a cold that does not want to go away. It also doesn’t help that I was drinking the night before. I gather … [Read more...]

Fisch Tales – A Cycling Blog

Fisch here, and I am a roadie. I am that guy who talks bikes, talks gear, talks shop, I even talk about which shaving cream is smoother for my legs. I will race others up hills and down, to stop signs and light posts. In group rides, I strive to be first to the rest stop, and when I see a group of riders in front of me I HAVE TO PASS THEM. I wear a kit that matches, socks, leg, arm warmers, … [Read more...]