Hotfoot solved! (hopefully)

Maybe you've been feeling it too.  Burning sensation in the ball of the foot, possibly some numbness, stinging in the toes, and other unpleasantness.  I've had it in increasing levels for several years, and naturally the more I ride, the worse it becomes.  This after numerous changes of shoes, at least a couple of different bikes, different seats, and so on.  I saw a doctor for it, and (read … [Read more...]

“House training” for group rides…basic rules of the roady

It's that time of year when roadies are piling into crits or prepping for the upcoming MS150, or maybe doing one of those fun "tour" rides for a day, a weekend, or longer.  If you're relatively new to group riding, you might be wondering about some of the do's and don'ts involved.  We hear you loud and clear, and are happy to offer the top 20 rules of pack-riding, below.     The House … [Read more...]

Texas Motor Speedway Paceline – Winter training update

Just got back from an hour of unintentional interval training that was supposed to have been a fast group-ride with me tucked safely out of the wind.  Minor difference. But it had turned windy this afternoon -- surprise!  By rush-hour flags were starched stiff against the sky, and I wasn’t even sure it made sense to ride.  Owning an indoor spin bike tends to make one wimpy about going out … [Read more...]

What’s In Santa’s Bag For Your Favorite Cyclist?

Sports Fiction: Almost As Strange As Reality

Sure to grace bathrooms, kibos, and porta-potties everywhere Hardcover, soft cover, or e-book, starting at $4.95.  Get yours now at Authorhouse (best prices here!) or  Amazon Between The Sheets You'll Get: Great cycling fiction - nearly as strange as reality! - officially for sale just in time for Christmas.  Cheap:  Hardcover, soft cover, or e-book, starting at $4.95.  Did we … [Read more...]

Who Am I?

What's crazy? You need to decide. On Twitter you could say I'm pretty crazy, or you could say I just have a weird sense of humor. Off the court you could say I'm pretty crazy, or you could say I'm just ghetto. On the court you could say I'm pretty crazy, or you could say I just play really hard. To each person, I could be a different person. So you need to decide. Of course, there have been … [Read more...]

Yoo Hoo, the best sports drink you never thought of…

Dear Yoo Hoo - scratch that -  Dr. Pepper Snapple company: Once in a while one gets a great idea, and if they're smart and enterprising, they find some way to make a buck off of it.  Other times they simply "gift" the idea to the world for whatever altruistic reasons or perhaps because they're too lazy too chase a buck, or perhaps they want to avoid a higher tax bracket. … [Read more...]

The (other) Situation

I'm a wreck, more or less, and it's getting worse by the day. I've lost weight and my wife says I'm obsessing over it (admittedly I am, but even more than she knows, therefore I disagree with her).  I'm worried about the weather two weeks hence, and about my fitness and what little time I have for training.  I'm rightfully nervous about an airline flight I'll take a week from Friday, and … [Read more...]

Lance Doped, Says NY Times

The Thursday - yes, that's tomorrow - edition of the NY Times will sport on its front page a tasty little article describing how federal investigators now have multiple sources who have corroborated, independently from any accusations of Floyd Landis, that Lance knew of and encouraged performance-enhancing doping practices on the US Postal Team.  Surprise! For those who want every salacious … [Read more...]

Tomorrow’s Cycling News Today, Get It Here!

Graciously accepting for the first time the Insightful Cycling Writer Of The Year Award, we have to admit that we scored a ton of "hits" this year, many times going against the grain of mass mania or wishful thinking.  It was hard work, but we were up to it.  Then when it came time to judge, single-handedly, whether we were the meritorious and deserved winner of the aforementioned award, we … [Read more...]

Fat Legs: Cycling’s Real Image Issue

Ever noticed your shop ride is missing a certain je ne c'est quoi? Sure, you've got the cocky team riders in matching kits who'll duke it out at hills and sprint points, and those ever-suffering sleeveless-jersey wearing triathletes on their slick bikes with funny looking handlebars who will go off the front from the start and assiduously avoid drafting better than 60's hippies headed north … [Read more...]