Have You Ever Watched A Bike Race And?

Have you ever watched a bike race and, when it’s over, thought, well there goes two hours of my life that I’ll never see again? Bike racing can be the worlds most exciting sport and at times it can be the worlds most boring sport. Long stages where there is nothing to race for and the peloton sit there for five hours, having a nice quiet ride and until the final 200meters you wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Dream Of Owning A Bicycle Racing Team

We all dream, every night we close our eyes and dream the dreams of cyclists. No not those involving your favourite rider, massage oil, and a beautiful woman, although if you have any good ones I’m always willing to share... Anyway, we all dream. We dream of winning races, of riding past Armstrong in the mountains and asking if he wants’ pacing to the top of the climb, we dream of riding past … [Read more...]

Do You Remember 1986?

Written by: Colin Batchelor I do, that year I raced in France, (where true to form I got my arse handed to me on a plate), that year I got a new 753 road bike and a new track bike, that year I got pissed off with the British winter and went to Australia for a few months, all exciting stuff. But you know the best thing about 1986? The Tour de France. Yes, yes, I know I trumpeted my lack of … [Read more...]

Dad, Dad, I Wanna Be A Professional Cyclist

Written by: Colin Batchelor I’ve a friend who many years ago became father to a baby girl, when asked how he felt, in a cycling context of course, his reply was ‘Great, imagine the disappointment if I’d had a son and he never won the Tour de France!’ Now days everyone wants’ to be a cyclist and as the number of riders on your local club training run goes up, it more than likely … [Read more...]

How To Coach A Cyclist

Written by: Colin Batchelor One of the best decision I ever made about bike racing was to stop racing and start coaching. It was also one of the easiest. My thought process went like this 'Oh shit I'm not fit enough to race over THAT' followed swiftly by 'It's about time I helped someone else suffer as much as I have'. There is then some boring stuff about courses, qualifications and awards … [Read more...]

So Can Your Kid By A Cycling Champion

Parents, who'd have them? Sometimes I get asked by a parent if I can make their 'little treasure' a champion, I never know if this is a serious question. But in case you're thinking of asking, the answer is simple, it's a no. The only people who can make you a champion are you parents, I can make you a better cyclist, but a champion? No you need a time machine for that and sadly time travel … [Read more...]

New British Pro Tour Team Announced

New British Pro Tour team announced. Today saw the announcement of a British Pro Tour team. Sponsored by satellite broadcaster Sky the four year deal is perhaps the worst kept secret in British sporting history. Ever since SKY's first involvement with British Cycling rumours have been rife that come 2009 there would be an announcement confirming their sponsorship of a Pro Tour team. Clocking … [Read more...]

I Can Read Your Mind

I can read you mind. Well OK, not all of it, maybe my powers only go so far as to be able to read the cycling related bits, but for most of us that must constitute a good 80% of the available space. I know several things for certain, you could do with losing a few kilos, you could do with getting a little bit fitter and don't even get me started on that bike you ride! OK, OK, I lied, just like … [Read more...]

Racing In France – Just Another Rant

Written by: Colin Batchelor So you dream of racing your bike in France? You long for the day when you can line up on the start line in Belgium? you can't wait for the flag to drop in Italy? Take my advice – stay at home. It's safer, it really is. I've made regular trips to the European mainland to 'Live the Dream'. Sadly my dreams mostly involve waking up in the small hours … [Read more...]

“On The Rivet” Talks About The Tour – Hold on Tight

The tour is Rubbish. There I've said it. It's junk, forget it. Oh sure there was a time when it was interesting, but now? Give me a break. Now call me old fashioned, but I consider a bike race to be over when the riders stop racing. Oh no, that's not good enough for Christian Prudhomme he wants his race to last till October. And so we have the ridiculous spectacle of riders driving across … [Read more...]